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2023 Kia Sportage PHEV Ex Premium

This week we were behind the wheel of the handsome Kia Sportage PHEV Ex Premium edition. From the size and length it looks like it would be a 7 seater. But this stylish sedan was as modern and sleek in the interior as it was from the exterior. Black on black, on tonal black. Faux leather seats, textured leather panels, and carbon fibre patterned detailing. I liked the ergonomic hooked door handle. By appearance only it reminded me of the top of a shovel, but definitely a lot sleeker. Under it. on the arm rest was a little ledge that you could tug on to pull the door close towards you. These we such thoughtful features that I started to associate the Sportage with as it puts the daily driver’s comfort in mind.

The dash is completely simple and clean, only broadcasting the facts: KM/hr. RPM, gas used, battery charged, mode, temperature, and KM driven. The touch screen infotainment system wasn’t all that user friendly with the need to scroll and search for media. I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do when I sit in a new car is to sort out the audio. Am I taking advantage of the satellite radio, am I connecting with Bluetooth, or am I plugging in my device in by way of USB or c-cable? The 2023 Kia Sportage PHEV has all 3 options available, but locating the buttons to initiate either or all was not that intuitive, I had to use the shortcut on the wheel to adjust the volume. In the end I found it easiest to plug in for Apple Play.

Towards the tail end of my loan, I discovered that under the infotainment system the following screen is dedicated to hot keys and this is where you can customize your audio options. Here, you have the ability to quickly toggle between media and climate control with a combination of dial and touchscreen buttons.

The cabin as a whole appeared minimalistic as all the buttons and dials were arranged by function and organized on their own panel to help organize the mind. The controls for the doors and the windows were located on the door itself. The driving functions and the bottoms that you may need when the car is in motion are on the centre console to the left, for easy access. A turn dial gearshift with grooved edges and push to park at the centre is easy to locate in the dark thanks to the LED highlight. Similar, but as smaller dial under it you have the Sportage’s driving modes. It lists terrains, but only smart Sport an Eco are available as standard options. Clustered to the left of this are all the heating and cooling seat and wheel options.

Continuing southwards down the central console are the retractable cup holders. A push of a button unlocks the sides to secure your container, otherwise it is a spacious compartment. This had a nice push button spring to action, although was clumsy to slide back into place with the need to clip-in to retract.

And with a quick push of the EV button, you can go to a hundred percent electric mode. But if you’re out of juice the only option is hybrid mode with the ability to charge each time you roll, are idle, or come to a full stop. I liked the icon pictured during the charging processes. It showed a gold ball of energy feeding into the battery with its limited lit up power bars. If staying idle this charge does not last, turning on and off intermittently, here I was unsure if it even added any juice.

As for how it drives, the 2023 Kia Sportage handles very well thanks to it being a sedan with a lower stance. I found it felt smooth on the road, with minimum bumps felt, and no body rolling. The breaks were highly response, like the wheel that did not give much resistance. You felt strength manipulating and turning the car with ease. 2023 Kia Sportage PHEV Ex Premium handles, functions, and feels like a smart car.


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