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2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum+ E-Force

Continuing with our string of fully electric vehicles, we were behind the wheel of the 2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum+ E-Force this week. As the predecessor of Nissan’s first EV the leaf, the Ariya has big shoes, or rather rims to fill. After the 10 plus year wait things do feel different with an improvements to the driving range and a flashy interior.

Striking in a soft pink, rose-copper. Matched with a trim that is modern with straight lines, angular dips, and sleek head lights. The rims only add to the new tech feel with slanted spokes that resemble a propellor.

Inside, the copper hue continues with peakaboo details. Like the copper coloured handle to slide the drink holder compartment open and close. The holder itself uses two flaps that tuck down to adjust and accommodate most cup sizes.

The front interior cabin is spacious, with plenty of daily driving conveniences that I was appreciative of. First, the carpeted floor mat extended from driver to front passenger seat, allowing a gap in between to place my handbag. Useful if you have a car full of passengers and carry a larger bag like I do.

The coin compartment and “ash tray” sits just behind, closer to the ground, forcing you to hunch over to reach it and the usb and c-cable ports. Just as hidden is the wireless phone charger, tucked away within the centre console compartment. Other than a shallow dish, there isn’t much room here and it serves more as an arm rest. And honestly it is one of the best arm rests I have had the pleasure of experiencing, as with an electric motor you can move it either forward or backwards to better suit your arm and posture.

Where you loose space above you gain with a secret one. With a push of a button it spring opens to reveal a velvet-lined compartment. Much like the glove compartment adjacent, but a lot smaller and discrete for stoling away valuables.

But my favourite detail of the Nissan Ariya is the control panels. The push buttons controls are built into the wood grain for a flushed look. They are back lit and feel space-age. On the centre console they allow you to toggle between driving modes and gain access to the secret compartment. And as part of the infotainment system they control the temperature.

Just as unique is the rear view mirror. You get the regular mirrored look, but with a flip of a switch it shifts to the rear view camera, offering a wide angle view of all that is behind and around your vehicle to help diminish any blind spots. I just wish the camera quality was sharper, and less grainy.

As for the way it drives, the 2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum+ E-Force is their top of the line model, available in front and all-wheel drive, this is the latter that comes with two battery packs for more horse power. Although it is not enough to give you a sporty rush when compared to the other EVs we have driven this year. The power more or less serves as a smooth and stable drive. Heavier on the handling and turns than what I expect from an electric vehicle, given the need to push it a little.

We also noted that the max charge rate was much slower in the Ariya that what we were dealing with week’s past. 130kW compared to 239kW from its competitors. This meant additional time sitting at the limited time use electric pumps for longer than desired or intended.

In short, a much needed upgrade from the Nissan Leaf with plenty of features to make it stand out on its own, but not the EV I would recommend for every day use.


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