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2023 Nissan Frontier

This week we had the 2023 Nissan Frontier in our backyard. The heavy-duty nature of a truck paired with an ultra-modern design of a sedan, plus room for storage or the crew; making this an ideal city vehicle.

We liked the orangey-red detailing done through out, from the brand and badge to the interior stitching. The latter, a striking contrast against the black faux leather seats and plastic dash. With orange trim around the in-door speakers, and again around the handle bar grip of the centre console. It gave the truck a very sporty appeal, and cohesive brand recognition.

Climbing in to the Nissan Frontier as a smaller female, I noted the high jump needed to ascend into the driver seat. Whereas the front passenger had a handle to anchor yourself in with, there was none for the driver.

Within it doesn’t even feel like a truck, with a full back row for 3, but seats 2 more comfortably. The seats themselves are soft cushions, like sitting on memory cloud foam. You were made to feel comfortable. I just wish there was more put into the lumbar, besides a lever on the driver’s seat that you pull down and it simply extends the back support outwards.

Much like the larger lever for the lumbar, there is a springy one to help you move and position the steering wheel. Here, said size of handle made the task easier.

The 2023 Frontier has a modest sunroof that helps to air out the compact cabin. Doing so by a crack, as the roof window doesn’t actually fully open.

It is however equipped with all the modern conveniences you would expect from any 2023 model. A list that included heated and cooling seats, wheel warming, parking alerts, USB and C port cables, and even a wireless charging mat. The centre console is conservative, a smaller bin and a shorter arm rest that has your hand to hanging off its end.

As for the way it handles, it feels like the truck almost glides over pavement. You need to put some muscle behind the sturdy wheel, keeping hands on it to effectively control the sway. It is easy on the acceleration, where you can feel both the power behind the engine and all the bumps and cracks beneath you. A trade off for the height and the ability to easily traverse off road.

At 300km full tank, the smaller volume has the Frontier designed to be a city vehicle, with high towing capacity. Equipped with a dial to effortlessly switch from a 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive, and 4 wheel load for the hitch.

In short, a vehicle for those who need a little more country in their city.


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