2024 Mazda 3 Sport Suna

This week we had the pleasure of being behind the wheel of the 2024 Mazda 3 Sport. As the name suggests, this Mazda’s speediest model after the Miata.

It feels like you are in a two-door coupe. A lowered stance and a tighter fit with the front doors encasing you within the compact cabin. Admittedly, I bumped my head on the roof a handful of times; and this is even with the scoop backed seat positioned lower to the ground.

There is technically room for three passengers at the back, but it would be a close fit for two with knees touching. And this aligns with its smaller tank at 310km on a full tank.

Handling is at the forefront and the Mazda 3 delivers. A smooth drive that is responsive to your touch. There is great acceleration, with plenty of power behind the engine, serving a sporty roar to match. Most memorable was how well the 2024 Mazda 3 Sport Suna takes corners, and even as a passenger it doesn’t feel jerky.

And that is because what is unique to the Mazda 3 is the G-Vectoring Control or GVC. Designed to improves handling for Mazda’s sports car. How it works is that GVC maximizes tire performance by distributing the focus and force on any one of your four given tires. As soon as you starts to turn the steering wheel, the vehicle slows down, shifting pressure to the front wheels. This action increases the front-wheel tire grip, helping the turn-in, and enhancing the vehicle’s stability. Basically this is the long winded way to say your drive is more stable and you feel less, a highlight especially for your passenger.

The GVC also helps to decrease fatigue in both the driver and the passenger. When operating any vehicle you work to keep the steering wheel steady, keeping it within the lane; whether driving in a straight line or cornering. However, due to irregularities on the road between the road’s surface and surrounding obstacles, the vehicle does not always travel along the expected line. This forces you to make corrections, adding pressure to the steering wheel. And since the GVC provides enhanced response to slight steering wheel operations, it reduces the amount and frequency of steering corrections. Thus reducing accumulated fatigue over long distances. This effectiveness is even greater in rain and snow, and on poor road surfaces.

The Suna model is part of the luxury package, based off of the GT Turbo model, but with a look all its own. A stylish two door with a zircon sand metallic paint job. This is a muddy green that is an across between army fatigue and a swampy brown. Unique, yet classic with a different approach.

Much like the interior with its handsome faux leather upholstery: a terracotta brown with black, that elevated. The milky reddish hue matched the double stitching that travelled from each side panel door, connecting right and left by way of the centre dash.

All of which was sturdy and solid, much like the ark rest. Not only does said arm rest lift up to expose the compartment within, but you can also push it back and lock it in place for an extended support for the elbow.

There are plenty of luxury features including power adjustable driver’s seat. With 10 way adjustments there is plenty of lumbar support. A cushion that hugs and one you can sit on all day. All this is coupled with the driver’s seat memory function, to be able to save the work you put into setting your preferences perfectly.

Notable modern conveniences include wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connect, and two type C ports. You also get great sound quality from the Bose speakers, projecting the music towards you.

In short, the 2024 Mazda 3 Sport Suna is a vehicle we would be happy to have as our own. Great for daily driving with the promise of less fatigue on your commute, and even better on the weekends when you are zipping down the highway.


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  1. Wow, I loved reading about your experiences with the 2024 Mazda3 Sport Suna! The photos are stunning and your review really gave me a sense of the car’s capabilities. Can’t wait to try one out for myself!

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