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2024 Mazda CX30 GT AWD

This week we were in 2024 Mazda CX30 GT AWD, Mazda’s entry-level crossover SUV that seats 5, but 4 comfortably.

The CX30 has replaced the Mazda 3, taking much of its aesthetics and build from its predecessor. This is their sporty turbocharged version with more horsepower that you can feel. With out it, I would image the CX30 a tad heavy and klunky to steer.

This engine is an add-on, much like the premium trim that allowed us to enjoy more luxury from a Mazda than I am use to. Leather upholstery, carbon fibre panels, a larger centre console screen, wireless charger, two type C USB ports, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and a 12-volt cigarette-lighter-style outlet.

Inside the cabin is quiet and spacious. With the windows fully wound, the sounds of the traffic around us and the road under us disappeared. As such, we did not mind extended driving, as the seats were also fairly comfortable. Ergonomic with an adjustable arm rest/centre console that slides back and forth for catered support.

There is much that has the 2024 Mazda CX30 standing out against the pack. A standard build with all the modern conveniences at your fingers tips. It and the affording pricing and decent fuel economy makes this a great everyday city driver. Ideal for traffic congested commutes and short jaunts to the country.


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