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2024 Volvo V90CC

This week we were behind the wheel of the 2024 Volvo V90CC. Remembering last year’s 2023 model fondly, we were looking forward to the latest generation of Volvo’s cross country wagon. And once again, we were keeping it in the city, and not fully utilizing the all wheel driver and off road capabilities of this could be weekend warrior.

You don’t see many station wagons on the road anymore, as the market is dominated by SUVs, for those looking for a cross country family car.

However, given the way it is outfitted it feels more like a city vehicle anyway with its sporty stance, panoramic sunroof, and hatchback.

Within you immediately notice the soft and supple, buttery tan leather that engulfs you from seat to door, and arm rest in between. All trimmed in white stitching. The cabin as a whole gives you the feeling of a home with mixed materials from textured plastics to faux wood laminate, and metal speakers coverings. The large set in the door parallels the one that centres the dash, both sets allowing for a full acoustic concert experience.

These Bowers & Wilkins speakers, the massaging seats, and the Volvo’s trademark crystal gear shift with an ergonomic slanted grip for the palm; are the telltale signs that you are driving a top of the line Volvo.

Between the panoramic sunroof and the high definition mirrors the 2024 Volvo V90CC gives you view. The rear view mirror is sharp, offering a clear look down the expanse of the wagon, with a zoomed in focus out the back window. And both side mirrors has blinking lights behind its veneer to signal that a vehicle is either to your right or left. I liked the clean and elegant look that they offered.

As a mild hybrid, the 2024 Volvo V90CC has one of the best fuel economy of all the vehicles we have driven thus far. After a whole week’s worth of city commuting, and the occasional errand we were only out $40 worth of gas from a 460km tank.

As for how it compares to the 2023, there doesn’t seem to be much change. Easy handling and smooth breaking. A quiet cabin with individual climate control, and a slew of modern conveniences.

The V90 Cross Country comes with a large display, vertically with air vents on either ends, set in the same orientation to match. The touchscreen infotainment system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible, but also Bluetooth connectivity and USB plug in; which seems more and more common place now.

Volvo’s reputation for safety first is obvious through the multitude of standard driver-assistance features on the 2024 Volvo V90CC. Emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane assist departure and lane keeping, plus an adaptive cruise control.

In short, still a steady and sexy ride, because only Volvo can make a station wagon look and sound this good.


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