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Cultus Lake Marina in the 2022 Nissan Sentra

Truth be told, this is my first time at Cultus Lake so we decided to make a day trip of it. Equipped with 2022’s Nissan Sentra we were ready for the 1 hour and 40 minute driver from North Burnaby to Cultus.

Disclaimer: all my auto reviews are written from my first blush impressions and experiences, without research or use of any publicated material. The goal is to bring you real, raw, and relatable reviews from an everyday person. Picking up a car and trying to relate it to everyone, in my own lens.

Modeled after a sports car, the Sentra makes for great training wheels, or the ride for those who want to dabble in the racing lifestyle. With minimum features the Sentra provides as a daily driver with heated seats and steering wheel, plenty of air conditioning from nozzles that are easy to move about yourself, safety features like lane assist, and an eco mode. Although it has you missing out on electronic seat adjustment, and lumbar support. Instead you are given bucket seats to help keep you cupped in place as you take those winding turns.

For its ease in handling and gas saving capabilities, the 2022 Nissan Sentra was the perfect vehicle for this excursion. For almost 4 hours of driving we only went through 1/4 of a tank of gas. And at an all time high of 235.9 per litre, minimum gas spendature, keeping cost low is king. And that is what you get with the Sentra. A great handling and fun vehicle that does not break the bank when you are enjoying it to the fullest.

For a more visual sense on how the vehicle handles, check out my Instagram page for the recap reel.

I made today’s adventure an excuse to leave work early, and take and jump start to the first hot hot hot weekend of summer 2022. Long sought after and long complained over by many, including ourselves. So to not go at it big would be a disservice.

Already opened for the season a few weeks ago, this last weekend of June would be the official start to Cultus Lake Marina’s busiest season. Visit Cultus for its tranquil lake water and clean narrow beach, and while you are here, partake in one of the many water sports available through the the Marina. They have everything, but food to help you maximize a day at Cultus Lake. There is a concession stand, but for a more fulsome meal, you will have to pack your own.

The Marina is right at the water’s edge. Customers have free parking at any of the “blue” spots. Otherwise it is ~$20 for the day’s parking in the regular lot. You enter and register at the shop front. There, you choose your recreational water activity, pay for it and a damage deposit, and get a wrist band. These you wear to help signify why it is that you are here. They also have hats, sandals, and shorts available for purchase if you are ill equipped and hoping to take in one of their water crafts on a whim.

For those unfamiliar with the vehicle or activity, there are video tutorials and plenty of staff on deck to walk you through the process. They make it easy and approachable, and in a jiffy you are ready for fun. The major rules: no alcohol, drugs, or general disregard for others on the water.

We actually were invited for a special event so this is a recap of the evening’s festivities. Where we hand homemade barbecue with plenty of picnic friendly sides and tried as many watersports as we could. For the visual recap of that, click both of the links below for the Instagram reel.

First I had to cross the Jetovator from off of my summertime bucket list. I have seen such activities at other beaches in the Okanagan, but they have always had long lines and a sold out schedule. So to be able to try this for the very first time today, was a dream come true. And a memory I won’t soon forget. Especially as the staff are equipped with GoPros and you get your experience recorded via helmet cam. Your fails and your successes as you conquer what is essentially water bull riding, without the bull.

Those wanting to fry the Jetovator were all boarded on Cultus Lake Marina’s 13 person pontoon boat destined for a mid section of the lake, clear from all others also enjoying the water today.

But first you need to equip yourself with a life jacket and a helmet. If you fall from great heights it can and will hurt. Over 10feet would feel like hitting concrete, so we were told to keep it under 5ft. Most of us only managed only 6-7ft, yours truly, included.

There is a learning curve, but here is what I was able to figure out. You need to keep your core constantly engaged and ready to out manoeuvre water. Your Jetovator apparatus is attached to a seadoo via a water hose. Your power comes from the water flow from the vehicle to your seat and handle bars. The goal is to keep this hose taunt, because as soon as you encounter a kink, you lose water flow and therefor power, resulting in contact with the water. But keep it clear by having the seadoo tailgate you and you are fine. You place your feet on the pedal, knees on the guard, and your hands on the steering bars faced down towards the bottom of the lake to start. Then with the “power” cue from your seadoo captain and coach, you can slowly lift the handle bars up and begin your ascension to the skies. As I mentioned earlier, the sensation is like fighting a bucking bull.

Your pull up towards yourself with your hands and push forward with your knees, pressing into the guards. Then you steer in the direction you want to go in. The craft is prone to oversteering so be warned and take steady, controlled, smaller motions. Practice makes perfect with this one. So allow yourself the ability to try and fail a couple of times. Having fallen flat on my back from great heights, (visual of that on the before mentioned reel), I can confirm it hurts, but not so much that I couldn’t get back to try again. In conclusion, I am happy to declare that I got the most and highest air on my very last try. After which I receded my turn to the next, as I was one of the first two to try in our group, and I knew I couldn’t beat myself with all the bobbing and weaving I was able to achieve on this run. Leave at an all time high.

Between the work needed to control the Jetovator and the chill of the still cold water (for this early in the season), we were famished and ready for an earlier dinner. They don’t normally serve food, but for this launch, we enjoyed barbecue from off the grill, and a fulsome collection of sides to munch on.

Then it was a safety video and a ride on the seadoos. I have only been on one, once before, and then I wiped out pretty bad. Therefore, today’s choppy waves and residue fear had me limited on my ride. But slow and steady I enjoyed the view and the experience of basically riding a motorcycle on the water. For additional safety and the sensation of a safety blanket, you can easily ride with one other.

In short, for a great adventure within the province and only a 2 hour drive, Cultus Lake and its marina is a great way to take in summer on the water. Beautiful views, hospitable and knowledge staff, and plenty of adult toys to choose from.

Cultus Lake Marina
50 Sunnyside Blvd, Cultus Lake, BC V2R 4Z5
(604) 858-9990

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