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Evolve, Vancouver International Auto Show

2024 welcomes back the Vancouver International Auto Show (VIAS) after a 4 year hiatus. This is Western Canada’s best attended consumer show, and one of Western North America’s premier automotive exhibition events.

Hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the expansive ballroom has be turned into a carpeted showroom. Bringing together a mix of automotive brands and makes. Ticket holders have the ability to learn more about familiar brands like Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, Genesis, and Mitsubishi. Witness first hand the latest innovations in the electric market. And admire luxury exotics from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren.

You had the opportunity to get close to and climb into majority of the vehicles present, speaking to the producers, and reading up on specs. Whether in the market to purchase or just looking, there is plenty at this convention to keep you busy.

I won’t be going into the details of all the brand and models, but will speak to the offerings of the show as a whole.

Having been to the Vancouver International Auto Show years before the hiatus and the rebranding to Evolve, I can speak to the improvements that 2024 has brought. Including a for cash bar at the centre of the hall, concession stand fast food, and new and unique vendors related to the automotive industry.

I was especially enthused by Evolve’s branded lager and Hazy IPA, produced by North Point Brewing. There was also wine, highballs, and water for purchase.

I took keen interest in the Making Auto Easy (MAE) booth. They are an app that makes automotive purchasing easy, as their name suggests. A business by women for women, with the owner, Vivian, being recognized for her achievements on the 30 under 30 list. I got a rundown of their service before its launch from Vivian herself.

Their app offer consumers as easy way to research cars before they buy them. It filters options based on your requirements, removing jargon and technical terms, preferring layman’s descriptions like “small, medium, and large” for the sizing. You can also search for your needs based on features like heated seats, keyless entry, and power lift gate. Or search for your vehicle needs based on lifestyle descriptor like family, driving in snowy conditions, and eco-conscious. A friendly an approachable to car buying.

MAE also hosted workshops and seminars during the convention, with discussion panels featuring women. Racing champions and women in the auto trade, speaking on topics like what you need to know when buying a motorcycle, child’s car seat safety, and car repair quote red flags.

We would explore the entire expanse of the convention. Many of the brands parking their glossy, new, off the lot models for a try and touch presentation.

Others chose to section off their luxury makes behind partitions where you could look and take photos, but not touch. This collection included gull wing doors, collector rides, and special custom pieces that resembled art.

Even the Vancouver Police was present and giving attendees access to their cruisers and motor bikes. You could even climb in the back of the former and if you shut the door behind you, you were trapped within.

There were plenty of photo ops with green screen technology, vespas to hop on to, and even mini motorized car rides for the kids.

This was a whole day affair and a welcomed return for the Vancouver auto scene. You have one more day to take in this 4 day event, and for those who missed it, check out the link below for next year’s affair.


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