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BC live spot prawns and seafood

One of Vancouver’s favourite foodie seasons is upon us. It is currently all about spot prawns. The prickly shrimp that has spots going from exoskeleton through to its flesh, and is the sweetest of its kind.

In years past we have only gotten some, if it was convenient and/or readily available to us. That was the case last year and the one before. At my age, I am all about being stress-free and putting minimal effort for nice to do’s, and would like to do’s, but is not a necessity or need. Case in point, spot prawns season. So I liked the idea and wanted to try preordering this year.

We decided to go through “BC live spot prawns and seafood”, advertising that anything ordered would be directly from the fisherman and that it is all wild caught. They also had a handful of locations where you could pick up from. Where fishermen came with their large catch of the day, and customers leave with spot prawns live from the one who caught it themselves.

I decided to pick up from Ladner Wharf, having never visited the area or spot previous to the day. On the day of my order, I would approach their mobile cart and collect my prize, having it weighed and bagged before my eyes.

However, if you can’t make it out to Ladner, they can and will deliver your preordered spot prawns to you. So long as it is within the Greater Vancouver, and you can meet their daily delivery window of 3:30-6:30pm. The only hitch it your purchase has to be worth their time and effort, so you need to order in 5lb or 10lb increments.

Also worth mentioning is that outside of spot prawns they also offer frozen sockeye salmon fillets, and sable fish.

As for our 2lbs of live spot prawns they were quickly eaten as sashimi on the spot, with the rest steamed for dinner.

BC live spot prawns and seafood
4785 47a Ave, Delta, BC V4K 1T2
(604) 780-8723

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