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Citizen Spring Preview, Grouse Mountain

This evening would be my only trek up to Grouse Mountain for the season. There will be no snowboarding for me this year as my doctor has diagnosed me with plantars fasciitis, and it has left me unable to stand on my board flat footed, and insoles just doesn’t seem right in snowboard boots.

So, to be able to take a gondola ride up to the mountain in heels tonight seemed like a fun to do. Be warned, there is only one gondola and one day to ascend up the mountains. So even if visiting for a nicer dinner, you will be crammed into the same box with all the others heading up to ski and snowboard. This is a shame as the view up is spectacular, and it would have been nice to enjoy it in peace or solely with your company. Ie: out of earshot of all the shouting children and excited fans of powder.

Tonight, we were guests of the Observatory, Grouse Mountain’s mountain top restaurant, gathered for a sneak peek look at the new spring merchandise launch for Citizen brand of watches, and the 5 labels under them. We would learn more about each and the customer profile they hope to serve before dinner. Notes on that come.

I was unaware there was such a nice dining space on Grouse Mountain. The Observatory sits atop of the mountains and if you time your visit right, you get a terrific view of the sun setting behind them. We would be gathered in their “Timber” banquet room and be given the space and time to mix and mingle as guests got a chance to get up close and personal with the luxury watch collection placed on display.

We would engage as sparkling wine was served in welcome and small bites circulated the room. Smoked salmon pancakes, arancini balls, and mushroom croquettes for easy grazing.

When dinner was to be served all those participating was asked to take a seat, as our host gave us a summary of the 5 brands under the Citizen watch’s umbrella, each with its own DNA and story to share. The entire collection spoke well to the diversity of the crowd and the market they represent, all gathered together tonight.

Citizen is all about sustainability with its trademark Eco-drive technology. Each piece is powered by light, and you need not change its battery. In this small measure Citizen is doing its part to help protect the planet, much like with their participation in “One Percent for the Planet”. This is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes to protect the environment.

Bulova is their famous luxury brand connecting culture, fashion, and music in style and function. Notable for their contribution to the New York scene, they are looking to do the same on Canadian soil.

Alpina is their Swiss luxury sports brand, with a heavier emphasis on extreme sports. They recently went out to support athletes participating in back country skiing with the only BC tour stop being in Kicking Horse.

Frederique Constant is Citizen’s Swiss brand of watches known for their high-quality, classical designs at sensible prices.

And Accutron crowns the collection with their luxury, open face design. They are known as the world’s first fully electronic watch, which has been declared as one of the most important innovations in the history. It features their propitiatory electric static technology and was definitely some of the most eye-catching pieces tonight.

With introductions completed, guests were invited to partake from the buffet. A collection of dishes that would take us across Canada including a cold seafood platter, a marinaded and grilled mezzanine platter, a build your own poutine station that included pulled pork, a dress your own perogy station with sour cream and bacon bits, plus salmon and beef brisket a la carte.

And for dessert guests had the option of adding ice cream to slices of fresh baked fruit pies and to dress their own crispy fried beavertails with a selection of chocolates and whipped cream.

In summary, this type of event and its location was a first for me. I found it a very unique way get to know a product line a little more intimately. A show and tell through light refreshments and a unique dinner, surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The Observatory
6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9, Canada
+1 604-998-5045

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