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D6, Social Sundays

Looking for a little heat to warm you up these colder weekends? Then look to D6 and their Sunday fire show.

Every Sunday starting at 6:30pm the stunning roof top patio of D6 in Parq Casino will be transformed into an outdoor stage, where fire dancers will be entertaining guests in for the evening. Expect such spectacles as fire poi, fire juggling, and fire dancing. The show is approximately 1.5 hours long, spread across 3 intervals 30 minutes apart. Before, after, and in between there will is a Live DJ spinning.

Along with the show there is plenty to entertain you and your party with. Giant jenga, corn hole, board games and retro video games; all to help yourself to.

Guests can also enjoy their complimentary candy bar and fresh popped popcorn. And on top of ordering drinks from their bar, and partaking in featured cocktail specials from 5-8pm; D6 doesn’t have a corkage fee, so you can bring your own bottle to enjoy.

To start such a trilling night off we indulged in one of their flights. We went for scotch over sake and agave. 1 oz of the following felt right in such a lush setting.

Dalmore 12YR with rich citrus notes, coffee, winter spices, cocoa and milk chocolate.

Dalmore 15YR with mandarin, vanilla, ginger, crushed apple, and winter spices.

Dalmore Cigar Malt with flavours of flamed orange zest and burned cinder-toffee.

Next, we moved on to a couple of cocktails to sip to the show. The L’aristocrate is 2.25oz of Hennessy VS, Aperol, peach, lemon, and bitters. Described as being sour- stiff, fruitful, and decadent. It reminded us of a liquid fuzzy peach with a tart finish to end on.

The Spiced Vino Royale is 2oz of St. Remy signature, red wine, and winter spices. This was not like mulled wine, which was what I believed when ordering it. Instead, berry-forward with fragrant warm baking notes. Overall it reminded me of a freshly baked pie with a liquorice aftertaste.

The Moncheri was 2oz with Grey Goose, black raspberry, elderflower, and bubbles. This was boozy with deep aromatic flavours thanks to the herbals.

On top of a large assortments of cocktails they also have an extensive food menu from the adjacent kitchen of The Victor. Therefore this isn’t your regular bar offering, but something a lot more extravagant. A lounge menu befitting of a premium casino experience.

Case in point, we started with the Steak Tartare with egg yolk, buttered sourdough toast, horseradish, and cornichon. This was certainly refinement befitting of the setting. Opulence made bar friendly with lean beef well seasoned to stand alone.

More inline with familiar bar fare are the sliders. The Crispy Chicken Slider is done Nashville style with thick breaded white meat chicken, smoked bacon, bread & butter pickles, and spicy mayonnaise; all between a brioche bun. The crispy batter made all the difference, a highlighting contrast against the crisp pickles and the spongey bun.

The Wagyu Beef Sliders have a hearty all beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, and truffle aioli. Sadly, the patty was overcooked and dry. I found myself asking for ketchup to help add some moisture. I could have also used more truffle in the spread, which I got none of.

Another great bar option is their Stone baked personal sized pizzas. There are four different topping options available. We went for the combination of prosciutto, mushroom, and arugula. And here we got the truffle essence that we were looking for above. Thick bready crust, which could have used more sauce and salt. We appreciated the added textures from a mix of both the baked and fresh toppings.

Unexpected is their sashimi a la carte. Today we had the salmon, hamachi, and bluefin tuna. Each wonderfully sliced and incredibly fresh.

In short, if you are looking for somewhere a little different next date night or girls night out, look to D6 for a drink and a show; plus a well rounded lounge menu as well.

D/6 Bar & Lounge
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver
39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B OR3

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