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H-Mart Downtown, food court

Today we were trying to sober up with dinner. Looking for what was within our vicinity, that didn’t have a wait time. So after a walking tour, we eventually came to H-Mart. I already knew my favourite spot for Japanese curry was within.

Zac Zac is has a stand at the far end of the food court and bee-lined it there.

My usual is their “Delux Curry” platter with panko breaded prawn, pork, and potato. Plus the add on of cheese for some extra gooey-ness. It is always consistent, as I remember it to be from the last time I had it. A sweeter curry with a smooth gravy-like consistency. Savoury and well seasoned, but not enough to overpower the taste and the texture of the meat, seafood, and root vegetable crowning it. The curry also stands alone, as I can happily have it as is, over the steamed white rice. Even writing this now, I want a serving.

We also ordered the Beef Curry Udon. Another tasty and comforting dish that I would order any day. Tender beef to match the slurp-able texture of the firm, but chewy noodles; all in a sweeter curry thick soup. The sweet corn kernels added a nice freshness, alongside the fresh green onions.

The Karaage Basket is a solid order of crispy fried, dark meat chicken with a curry powder mayo dip. It was exactly as I expected and had wanted, and it hit the spot.

As a whole, I have never had a bad meal at Zac Zac and would order anything off of their menu confidently. I will return.

And the luxury of dining at a food court is variety, and being able to order from multiple vendors for one super meal. My guest wanted Korean so we indulged in that too.

The kimbap was what he was really after, so we got it. It is basically a Korean sushi. Rolls of cooked rice, vegetables, fish, and meat wrapped in dried sheets of seaweed; then sliced up. I liked the low rice to vegetable ratio of these and how soft the rice was compared to the crisp vegetables. Although as a whole I found this lacked flavour. I would end up dipping them into our second dish below.

Our order of kimbap came as a combo alongside a bowl of noodles. The choice was between ramen or udon. We went with the former, as we already had some of the latter above. Although in hindsight we should have gone with the udon, as the ramen was just instant noodles. At least they added additional ingredients like beansprouts, spring onion, and pork belly to make it more fulsome. Not the most exciting, but there was plenty of it.

I thought I ordered tteokbokki, but we barely got any rice cake in this. Instead there was another whole pack of instant noodle with sparse pieces of pork sliced thin.

The cheese was the highlight with its stringy texture. There was plenty of it and the spicy sauce to coat, plus more than enough to use as a dip for the above.

And as a bonus, seeing as we were already in H-Mart, we took advantage of the grocery store component and went snack shopping. The plan was to have them as dessert, but we never got to that stage, too full from the above.

This is my go-to H-Mart and one that I frequent anytime that I am downtown. It has one of my favourite food courts, with the best Japanese curry in the city.

H-Mart Downtown
590 Robson St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7
(604) 609-4567

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