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Vancouver Christmas Market 2022

Vancouver’s favourite Christmas tradition is back for another year. Waterfront’s Jack Poole Plaza has once again been transformed into a little European Village in winter, and the Olympic cauldron marks the spot.

The market is already open to the public, but we were invited to a private showing during the day to be able to take in all the new and popular traditions of this well-celebrated Vancouver tradition. Our visit included welcome speeches from the event organizers and a brief history of Market, beginning with a mood lifting serenade from the acapella group “The Gingerbread Men”.

The occasion was captured well-lit with natural lighting, but the Market place is definitely more special at night with all its twinkling lights, and as such it is also a lot more photogenic. So if possible, visit earlier to be able to enjoy the experience both ways. The following is a brief recap of the foodstuffs we tried, the activities we partook in and points of interest within our 2 hour stay. Although there is definitely more to see and do, so you should allocate yourself more time to be able to fully experience and enjoy it all.

Like the classic carousel that welcomes all ages. Christmas is the most magical time of year, and you can help make it even more so for a little one in need. This year rides are by donation and with an easy tap of our interact card you can make one to the Make-A-Wish foundation. For those who are unfamiliar, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded that helps fulfill the wishes of children with a critical illness between the ages of 2.5 and 18 years old.

As per the show runners, The Christmas pyramid is the most important and central feature at the Market. It can be seen from all directions with its rotating windmill topper.

It is here that you can get everyone’s favourite holiday beverage: mulled wine. Get the traditional made with red wine, or their new white mulled wine featuring apple wine and rum, alongside all the traditional mulling spices. And for those who love collecting them, this is also where you can get your hands on the Vancouver Christmas Market’s popular, annual keepsake mug.

At Das Soup Haus they have hot and steamy French onion soup, plenty of melty cheese and soften onion slices simmered in a rich beef broth. This is a great savoury option to help keep you warm inside to out.

At Das Smoked Meat Haus we were given a taste of their smoked meat in bun with mustard, paired with a crispy and tangy pickle. This is one of the heartier food options available to visitors.

At the Pancake and Waffle Haus guests can enjoy either Belgium waffles or mini pancake bites, dressed traditionally in butter and icing sugar or more like dessert with topping options like Nutella, strawberry, and whipped cream.

The name Bratwurst Haus speaks for itself. These gourmet German sausages are available in meat and veggies options. Get them in bun or as is with your sauerkraut on the side. The fun part is squeezing your ketchup or mustard condiment via hanging dispensers that many, like myself, refer to as “udders”.

Authentic Churros has just that, get these popular deep fried dough sticks covered in cinnamon and sugar for a crispy sweet treat.

One of the most popular stalls at the Market year after year is Cheese Me Raclette. They heat up a wheel of cheese and once ooey and gooey they scrape off a handsome chunk of it over boiled potatoes and cubes of sausages. Admittedly not the tastiest of all the offerings available, but certainly one of the most photogenic.

Different from our former soup option, Das Gulasch Haus has hearty potato and tomato-based stews, which they scoop out steaming into bread bowls. Choose between their beef of vegetarian option, both well-seasoned and tasty.

Looking for a travel friendly snack or an easy host/hostess gift? Perfectly Nuts has a variety of salty and sweet seasoned nuts to choose from. Either get a scoop from their showcase to munch on immediately, or take one of their prepackaged options to go. And best of all they offer samples so you can try before you buy.


New to the market is Knedla, described as European style dumplings made from a potato dough. I however would consider them more like doughnuts as the fillings are sweet and the dough is heavier and chewier like mochi, each is covered in their unique crumb coating. Their original is a traditional plum made using locally sourced pitted plum. This was tart and tangy, a great option to have with tea. We also tried the raspberry white chocolate, which is a more modern take on this traditional treat. Made with sweet with locally sourced raspberries, I would have liked more filling to dough ratio as it is what flavours it.

For a sweeter more familiar bite head over to the I Love Chocolate hut where they chocolate-dip cookies and pretzel sticks. Although their most popular item is dipped to order chocolate fruit. Choose between dark or milk chocolate and watch your skewer of strawberry and/or pineapple get smothered in a waterfall of cascading chocolate.

Not edible in the traditional sense, but a fun booth to visit it Mixologist Bartending Drink Bomb. They offer an easy way to add some sparkle to all your festive drinking occasions this season. Choose from a bevy of lustre dusts and add a teaspoon or two to have your cocktail literally shine. And if you need help crafting said cocktail, look to their line of drink bombs, where all you do is add liquor and/or soda and allow the bomb to dissolve for a mixed drink. This process is similar to a bath bomb. And after all your drinking, take one of their recovery bombs the next day to help rid yourself of that pesky hangover.

Other food focused booths and their wares include Olive oil, Charcuterie style cured meats, local and wild Honey, a variety of flavoured Macarons, and loose leaf Tea. You can also shop for gifts at the wooden houseware booth, or pick up an ugly sweater or two and pair it with some warm and cozy socks. And of course there are plenty of ornaments and decor pieces to add more whimsy to your home this holiday. There is just so much to see and shop that I cannot cover it all.

If planning to visit consider these promotions to take advantage of, designed to tempt visitors on select nights. Tuesday is Date Night with a two for one special on entry. On Wednesdays it is Happy Hour from 4-6pm with free cider for all. And Thursdays are for students, where they get 50% off admission.

The Christmas Market runs until December 24, 2022, be sure to not miss this Vancouver tradition.

Vancouver Christmas Market
Jack Poole Plaza, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3G3, Canada

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