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A Night in Hongdae, Proliv

We have been using and endorsing Proliv for a while now. Proliverate is a Canadian small business that specializes in liver supplements, inspired by a Korean hangover formula. I have been taking it myself for over a year now, and have recommended and handed out samples to many more. It as a great way to help stave off hangovers, after heavier drinking the night before.

You pop two pills before drinking and re-up as needed as the night wears on. What sets them apart is that it not only helps to combat dehydration that is a common symptom of drinking, but the pills look to battle other hangover characteristics like headaches and nausea as well. The result is a Proliv that help to ensure you have a great night and a just as good morning after.

Tonight, as they celebrate another successful year, they are hosting a party to not only have ticket holders learn more about their product, but other local businesses as well.

This is “A Night in Hongdae”, an immersive Korean food and drink experience hosted in Jig Space. The night promises “an evening of fun learning about Korean culture, food, and drinks while discovering amazing local businesses + hidden gems!” As taken from the Evenbrite description.

The goal is to recreate the hippest neighbourhood in Seoul, South Korea: Hongdae. With a live DJ mixing popular k-pop songs with current North American hits, to keep the energy going all night.

The event had stations set up for guests to try delicious foods and drinks, including Korean small bites and various street foods. Each person was checked in and given a passport at the door. The goal was to collect stamps from each vendor to be granted a chance to win a drawn prize at the end of the night. And spoiler, your’s truly won the grand prize of a $200 gift card for the BC liquor store.

At the Moose Imports table they were sampling a collection of Korean spirits I was unfamiliar with, and very excited to try. The biggest take away was the variety of soju available and how they all don’t taste like sweet candy.

Like the Solsongju Pine Rice Wine at 13% abv. This is made by brewing new crop rice, pine needles, pine shoots, and pristine water from the Jiri Mountain together. The result is a spirit much like wine, with subtle notes of pine and chardonnay.

Hwayo is 25 premium soju, done a modernized take on how artisanal rice spirits in Korea are made. As a single rice distillation it is ideal for those with gluten sensitives. Created using 100% high quality rice sourced from Yeoju, South Korea and natural bedrock water from 150m underground. Prepared at low temperatures with a single vacuum, distilled for optimal flavour, and aged in traditional Onggi pots for three months.

Seoul Night Plum Spirit was my favourite of all the premium sojus we sampled. Made with 100% fully ripened Korean Maesil (golden plums), giving it a pleasant floral flavours and a subtle dry aftertaste. It promises to take your soju game to the next level at 25% abv.

The Won Mae Plum Wine was more approachable and more like juice at 13% abv. Also made with Korean golden plum harvested at its peak ripeness. After maceration, local honey is added to give it its round texture and subtle sweetness.

The most striking was the Red Monkey Makgeolli with its distinct crimson colouring coming from the use of Hongguk rice (red yeast rice), nuruk, and water. At 10.8% abv it is rich and creamy as makgeolli is known to be, with notes of sweet steamed rice, dried berries, and rose petals.

Makku Makgeolli is a canned rice wine beverage for easy drinking at 6% abv. Tonight we had a chance to try their original, mango, and blueberry flavours. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this unfiltered rice brew is velvety smooth with a hint of sweetness and tartness. It has the soft sweetness of mochi with the refreshing tang of frozen yogurt.

And lastly there was Good Day Soju, which is what I know soju to be, and that makes sense as it is in of the top three Soju brands worldwide. Tonight we got to taste their original, pineapple, mango, and/or melon flavour. It is known for its 72 hour oxygenation and 10x filtration processes.

We were also introduced to MakSoSa. As per their signed description “MakoSa is a combination of Makgeoli, Soju, and Sprite. Hence the name’s origin: “Mak” for Makgeoli, “So” for Soju and “Sa” for cider, which is equivalent to Sprite or 7Up in Korea. Traditionally served in a kettle with bowls, similar to Makgeoli, but drinks more like punch with the sweet mix and effervescent sparkles of citrus soda.

This is brand brand new from MakBrewing, which is owned and operated by two Korean-Canadians who had an idea and are slowly making it come to reality.

For food there was traditional Korean dishes the likes of Yukgaejang, a traditional tangy and spicy Korean soup.

And Kimchi from Hot Chi, promising to be next level Kimchi.

For dessert there were dacarons from Earthling gluten-free. A fusion between a dacquoise and macaron. Today these soft cookie-cake like sandwiches were pipped with a matcha and a Yuzu cream.

And everyone was fully impressed by the 25 eleven spoof of a help yourself convenient store. With over 20 different cup noodles to choose from and prepare on the spot with hot water.

There were also individually wrapped snack cakes and biscuits. Plus three different types of kimbap that included tuna fish, which I have never tried until today.

For activities there were tables set up with games like dice, origami; and one where you stuck plastic swords into a barrel, while avoiding triggering the pirate at the centre of it, to pop out.

But my favourite game was “submarine”. A Korean drinking game I would learn and we would play a few rounds of. An exciting and suspenseful one that am sure I will replicate and engage in again. You begin by filling a beer stein half way and balancing an empty shot glass within it, amongst the foam. Then taking turns around the table fill the shot glass with soju, drip by drip while avoid having it sink. The one who pours the last drop, sinking shot to the bottom has to chug the whole of the stein down, beer and soju combined.

And of course there was plenty of Proliv on site with the ability to purchase and re-up your dose for 30% off. And 15% of all proceeds tonight and tor the rest of 2023 goes to the Okanagan relief fund.

And as a way to remember the night and occasion guests were able to take photos at the Evolve Photo Booth, to have texted or printed out.

In short, what a great way to get better acquainted with Proliv and how their liver supplement helps in ensuring you have a great day after, with no hangovers. As well as their goal of bringing the city more such events through event marketing and its powerful impact of physical connections. This is just the first in a series of events that they plan to host, focusing on culture, education, and building relationships.

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