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Abbotsford Summer Flower Festival

I recall visiting Lakeland Flowers last year, when they first offered the ability to walk amongst the sunflowers, so it is nice to see them back bigger than ever with the first ever Abbotsford Summer Flower Festival.

Lakeland Flowers is family owned and operated. Where they previously only grew to sell their millions of fresh cut flowers across Canada and the US; today they have open their fields to the public, while continuing to plant and sell commercial tulips and peonies.

Located in the same fields as the Abbotsford Tulip Festival, Lakeland Flowers promises this will be the “Largest Summer Floral Experience in the Lower Mainland” (as taken from the press release). Open from July 21st to September 4th, 2023, my visit was more recent, towards the end of the season. And having done so later in August, I can confirm there are still plenty of sunflowers to take in and enjoy. So be sure to visit before they shutter for the season.

Here, ticket holders are invited to wander through 45 acres of lavender, sunflowers, buckwheat, phacelia, and other assorted flowers. As taken from the press release. “The festival has three focal points beginning with the lavender fields in full bloom including Provence and English lavender. Next is 20 acres of sunflowers, with over 1 million blooms, 30 varieties, a u-pick field, and photo spots including raised wagons, frames, canoes, tractors, and swings. The final area offers a 10-acre meadow of phacelia pastels, a buckwheat sea of white, and an array of colour with the feature flowers, ranging from snap dragons and Black- Eyed Susans to coneflowers and Woodland Sage”.

As an elevated floral experience they have also hosted two event nights where guests were able to watch a comedy set amidst the lavender, while sipping on a specialty seasonal cocktails. And appreciate the flowers while listening to live music and enjoying seasonal bites at Tourism Abbotsford’s Sun and Soil Series Concert.

I find that Lakeland has the most condensed gathering of sunflowers, where you are shoulder to shoulder with some and have many more towering over you. Be weary of the bees, but the majesty of this sight is worth the risk and drive out.

There are photo ops like swings, floating frames and tractors to mount. You can also climb in a canoe and pretend you are rowing through a lake of flower.

They are also the only field that I am aware of that offers u-pick sunflowers. Separated from the picturesque scene above, you are equipped with shears and a bucket and given free reign of the designated u-pick field.

Here, there are 28 listed sunflowers scattered across the entire plot. You get a quick tutorial from one of the employees, advising you to choose the semi-closed sunflowers to have the most longevity out of your picks. It is also recommended that you pick an aisle and walk towards the very end for the best blooms left untouched. Mid way on our long trek, I can see why, as it is a distance to travel.

But the reward of finding, snipping, and creating the perfect bouquet to add colour to your home or to gift to a loved one is priceless.

The Abbotsford Summer Flower Festival is located at 3663 Marion Rd., Abbotsford, BC and is open seven days a week, including Statutory Holidays, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. On select days they will even have food trucks parked. It is advised that you book you tickets ahead of time online.

Lakeland Flowers
3663 Marion Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2J6

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