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Burnaby Village Museum, Eerie Illusions

Tonight I was accompanying Diana of @foodologyca fame to Burnaby Village Museum, for their new event. Burnaby Village is the historical landmark that transports visitors to a simpler time. A time long ago, where horses drew carriages, laundry was done on washboards, butter was churned by hand, and the tinker of the town black smith could be heard throughout the town.

However, for the very first time, the town has been transformed into something more spooky, something more magical. The same landmarks and village buildings are now over run with pumpkin people. A pumpkin couple are waiting to be wed at the church’s alter, the towns barber can be seen trimming the stalk and stem of this pumpkin headed clientele, and a pair of pumpkins are fuelling their jalopy at the petrol station.

Similar to any winter light show, guests are left to self explore at their leisure. Taking pause at well decorated moments, set stages and light up scenes; as well as peering into the windows of building set to celebrate October’s spooky season. Sadly you cannot enter said buildings, but there is plenty to interact with outdoors (for the sake of Covid concerns).

At the town’s photography store you can take a picture with a ghost or ghoul.

Enjoy the jazz stylings of the invisible band under the gazebo.

Admire the display of black light lite neon goods at the general store.

If you are hungry, the town’s ice cream parlour and concession store are open for business. Regular menu items are given a Halloween facelift. Broom sticks are fries and screaming wieners are hot dogs. They also serve fish and chips, poutine, and assorted baked goods including pumpkin pie and cinnamon buns.

For additional snacks look to the popcorn truck dishing out flavoured bags of popcorn. They are located by the carousel (the village’s icon trademark), that will not be open and operational this season. Just follow your nose.

See below for the official event statement and information on how to get tickets, as taken from Burnaby Village’s website

“This October, visitors will see Burnaby Village Museum transformed into a magical world bathed in breathtaking colour….“
“Utilizing state-of-the-art lighting, projections, soundscapes and special effects, Eerie Illusions will amaze and astound visitors of all ages, and showcase Burnaby Village Museum’s 10 acre venue as it has never been seen before.
This self-guided, family friendly Halloween experience is suitable for all ages. Visitors will need to purchase tickets in advance.

As an outdoor event visitors need be mindful of dressing appropriately for the rain or shine.

Dates & times
October 22-23, 5-11 pm
October 24-28, 6-10 pm
October 29-31, 5-11 pm
Last entry is 1 hour prior to closing. It is recommend that you allow allot yourself at least 45-65 minutes to experience it all

Adults: $10
Children (2-12): $5
Under 2: Free

Burnaby Village Museum
6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3T6
(604) 297-4565

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