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Candlelight Concerts: The Best of Hans Zimmer

I have only heard about, and have yet to attend any Candlelight Concert series. From what I have seen online it is a spectacle of light married with rich classic music. So when I got the opportunity to check one such concert out, I jumped at the chance.

Originally I thought it was held the Orpheum, which would have been a lovely venue, but far too large for the intimate experience that they try to cultivate.

Instead, it was held within East Vancouver’s Famee Furlane. A ballroom with stage that appears to be at the bottom of a heritage apartment building.

Guests are welcomed in, and asked to check in at the ticket counter. No assigned seating, it is first come first serve. And although the musicians do not move around a lot, it is hard to see anything from the 15th row from the front. The sea of heads before you catch your attention and it is challenging to sort through them, as you direct your attention to the stage. Not to mention it is nice to be able to see the musicians strum and weave their bows. So I suggest coming early when the doors open an hour before show time. You can take this opportunity to claim your ideal vantage point, as well as partake from the bar, located on the second floor.

A walk up spacious steps to the second floor mezzanine and the bar. Tonight there were bags of popcorn for purchase, as well as a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including the usual suspects of wine and beer; plus the unexpected cooler. Lowrider canned cocktails in a variety of tropical flavours, for easier sipping.

The window ledges walking up to the stage and the stage itself is set with realistic flickering, battery operated candles. Various heights and sizes clustered together for a fairly impressive display. Although, I wish there were more. From all the photos and videos I have seen online the spectacle had more spectator. A sea of candles, where this was but a trickle. I wanted more candles surrounding our performers: around their seats and behind their backs. And candles hanging from the ceiling for a more magical scene. Although I guess it wouldn’t be all that worth it for only an hour long set.

As a result, I was slightly disappointed, and found that it took away from the overall experience, of something that was imagined more grandiose. Especially as the backdrop of such all encompassing scores the likes of a “A Dark Knight” from “The Dark Knight” and the “Gladiator Suite”.

Tonight’s live, multi-sensory musical experience featured the music of Hans Zimmer, well known for his contributions to popular American cinema.

This was a program that included the following pieces played by the Listeso String Quartet.

Time from Inception
This Land from The Lion King
Zooster’s Breakout from Madagascar
Supermarine from Dunkirk
Honor from The Pacific
A Dark Knight from The Dark Knight
Wonder Woman Suite
Gladiator Suite
Cornfield Chase from Interstellar
Dune Suite
Discombobulate from Sherlock Holmes
Pirates of the Caribbean Suite

Overall, a great experience and one that I would repeat again, in a different venue. A venue that would be more luxe with more candles, befitting of the music being played. I heard of other such sessions including theatres and churches.

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