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Carnaval del Sol pre-fest press , La Taqueria

For those not in the know, Carnaval del Sol is the largest Latin American festival in the Pacific Northwest, and it is taking place in Vancouver from July 7 to 9th, 2023.

They have be operating through the pandemic in a much smaller capacity, so it is great to be able to speak to the planned celebration at its full lustre, once more.

The pre festival party began with a mariachi band singing and performing traditional music to set the lively tone.

The restaurant was decorated in festive colours and vibrant decorations. At the front, a selection of help yourself desserts in grab and go pots and cups. Themed brownies with their logo printed in icing (more on that later) and creamy desserts the likes of Oreo cookies and cream cups and a whipped tres leches.


As guests found their seats, servers brought out chips and salsa with guacamole, followed by fully loaded nachos for each table to share.

As for the tacos, we were able to watch them come to pass on an assembly line that started with warming of flour tortillas over heat? before topping them with a variety of proteins and toppings from fish to breaded cauliflower, pulled pork to spreadable beans. Each finished with a collection of fresh vegetables and a healthy drizzle of sauces.

As we mingled and nibbled we were given more information on the upcoming festival. Their slogan is “We all shine together”, to speak to togetherness with the community come together. And this year’s theme is “a past to remember, a present to enjoy, a future to build”.

The logo speaks to Latin American culture in Canada with a woman in portrait and the Canadian mountains in the background. They transitioned seamlessly to the local and tropical animals and plant life of Latin American. This visual included toucans, capybara, and frogs. A pictorial to help connect the two cultures.

Outside of the main festival weekend, the week prior has many events and workshops to engage in. Live performances, sporting tournaments, film nights, music concerts, and dancing shows.

However, if you can only attend one, let it be the main weekend: July 8-9th. The following overview was summarized from their website. For more details and ticket information, visit the link at the very end.

Carnaval De Sol itself is a festival celebrated across a large expanse that has been split into individual plazas, each with a theme, each worthy of further exploration.

At the Main Plaza del Sol you can watch the most elaborate shows on their big stage. With more than 420 performers, showcasing the essence of Latin, Indigenous, and International cultures. With performances from Rock Latino, traditional dances, folklore, beats of salsa, merengue, and much more. You can also join in on Zumba and capoeira classes.

The Food Plaza is slated as “the crown jewel” of Carnaval del Sol With over 20 food vendors, that best showcase the vibrant and diverse flavors of Latin America. From “the bold and fiery tastes of Mexico” to “the tangy and tropical delights of the Caribbean”, all the way to “the savory and succulent dishes of South America”. The food plaza boasts that they have it all.

The second largest plaza is the Family Plaza. A kid friendly region that covers all the above, but geared towards the littlest member of your family. Filled with family-friendly music, activities, and performances that will captivate visitors of all ages. Here you can enjoy a comedy show, a theatre performance and take a keepsake photo in a hot air balloon.

The Kids Plaza is a “dynamic and inclusive space dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion for kids” with a variety of activities. Here they can learn how to dance, get their face painted, and even have a crazy hair style to match. There are drumming work shops, handcraft activities, and familiar playground games like jump rope, Twister, and a sack race.

The Culinary Experience Plaza provides an elevated culinary experience; with 100 seats reserved for SuperPass holders, VIPS, and esteemed chefs. Here, you can watch award winning chefs prepare their best recipes for you to recreate at home, and have the ability to ask questions and engage in the process.

The Seniors Plaza offers the best view of the main stage at the festival. A comfortable setting for senior guests to sit and relax in, taking in all the festivities under the shade, with or without a refreshing drink in hand. There are also many activities tailored for seniors, including the classic game of Rana, a traditional Latin American board game that combines skill and strategy; and Chezz, a twist on chess with its own unique rules.

Not a senior but what that same viewing vantage as above? The VIP Plaza has 100 seats available for SuperPass holders to watch the festival with the best views. This is preferred seating within a more private space, with its own food and drink options. It includes unobstructed views, sangrias and cocktails available for purchase, and private bathrooms.

At the Beer Plaza enjoy cold drinks, music, and Latin style in an unforgettable fiesta. DJ Guitto sets the tone with electronic sounds, drums, and gaita, accompanied by lighting and video effects. Dance to the beats of DJ Snchez and DJ Erick. Sip on refreshing brews from Granville Island Brewing and Topochico. And pair it with Mexican bites from La Taqueria.

The Market Plaza offers a trove of Latin American products from
local businesses. Shop traditional Latin American spices and delicacies to handcrafted jewelry and artwork.

In short there is something for everyone at this celebration like no other. I, myself will be in attendance on the Saturday, to be able to report on it for those who are not available to attend themselves. So that you may live vicariously through me. But for those free, be sure to get your tickets and cater your perfect day by visiting the link below.



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