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Cathay World Elite Mastercard Event

Tonight we were invited to celebrate leading international airline brand Cathy Pacific’s new co-branded credit card partnership with Neo Financial. The occasion was a landmark and spoke volumes to the customer base in Vancouver. Cathay has been flying direct from Hong Kong to Vancouver for over 41 years. In fact Vancouver was their first Canadian port that the airline flew to. And that is why they are celebrating here in the city with its strong cultural ties.

The night was full of fine wine and sparking conversation, as well as a quick speech on what both brands are about, for those unfamiliar.

We learned of the benefits of signing up for their premium credit card. A process that takes minutes and has you earning points right away. You can also create and link your existing Cathy membership to earn on local and international spend with plenty of their other partnerships.

As for the night at hand, this was a reception-style mingler at Mott32, with uniformed flight attendants in attendance, and a mock airplane window to take photos in front of.

Guests were received into the private event with sparking cocktails and free flowing wines, paired with the classic Chinese dishes from Mott32’s world renowned kitchens.

Small bites were rotated around the room generously, with the ability to pick and choose how much of each you wanted in laps.

The Beef tenderloin was a tender bite sized chunk of meat skewered alongside asparagus and Pearl onion. I didn’t find it all that traditional to Chinese cuisine, but well done nonetheless.

The Siu Mai was a morsel of a dumpling. They looked a little unappetizing with their blank white hue, but the taste well makes up for it.

The Mushroom dumpling was an umami mix presented in a purple crystal wrapper. I enjoyed the chewy gentle rubber-like filling paired with the gummy shell.

The Fried shrimp with honey dew and cantaloupe was like a seafood salad of sorts. Fried and fresh, savoury and sweet for a fun in your mouth mix.

The classic Vegetable spring rolls were crispy and exactly as expected.

There were even wok-fried Shanghainese noodles for those still feeling peckish. Served in a bowl with chopsticks. There wasn’t much else aside from the noodles, and it really didn’t need anything else to distract from the bouncy chew of the well sauced strands.

And of course the feature of the night was the Peking duck wraps. 40 full ducks carved in procession and hand wrapped by half a dozen team members to feed the masses. What lacks in presentation, served in fully formed wraps, is made up in taste.

Overall, what a fun night and a unique way to celebrate this historic partnership. Good food and travel does go hand in hand.

Mott 32 Vancouver
1161 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C6, Canada
+1 604-861-0032

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