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Decathlon Vancouver grand opening

The pandemic changed all our lives, many with horror stories coming out of the other side. For myself, I was working in transportation at the time, and it had me labeled as an essential service worker. While others quarantined at home, I attended work and carried out my routine to the best of my abilities. And in order to stay sane I found refuge in the outdoors and being active. A lifestyle change and behaviour that has stuck, as I continue to engage in my covid born hobbies and interests. Of which includes hiking, camping, snowboarding, and working out at the gym.

So when I heard that Vancouver would be getting an affordable sporting goods store, I was keen to visit. This is Decathlon, a “global leading muliti-specialist sports brand created for people of all skill levels and walks of life” (as taken from the press release).

They have a presence in over 60 countries with more than 1,700 stores, including 20 Canadian ones. And this one will be the flagship. They have officially opened the last week of April within Metropolis at Metrotown, moving in to the old home of Forever 21. Which is by the Grand Court, and considered the busiest cross-section of BC’s largest shopping centre.

From the lighting, organized shelves, quantity and pricing of goods, they feel like an H&M or Uniqlo, but focused on every sports discipline.

“The store spans 38,000 square feet and covers two storeys to help be the first in the country to showcase Decathlon’s new brand identity”. Their goal is to focus on the customer experience with a strong commitment to sustainability.

“Each zone within the store will spotlight a specific sport, with a focus on Vancouver staples such as hiking, camping and trekking; winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding; urban mobility, including cycling and mountain biking; and water sports. The store will be staffed by seasoned and passionate advisors committed to providing empathetic, accessible, and technical assistance to every customer.”

What I enjoyed the most about this is your ability to touch and try everything. Like children in a toy store we tested the treadmill and checked our strength with the resistance bands. We climbed into tents and zipped ourselves into sleeping bags. We squared off in basketball, badminton, soccer, and corn hole. And raced on bikes bolted down. It allowed for us to imagine play time with these tools.

“Decathlon prioritizes research and design, manufacture, and distribution of its products. This allows for cost savings that are passed to the customer and ensures the best value for their products.”

Other store highlights include “Year-round hiking and camping showroom, featuring tents, gear and accessories. A year-round cycling showroom; featuring a test space for bikes, scooters and roller skates. A Workshop for tune-up and repair of bikes, kayaks and paddleboards. And play zones table tennis, tetherball, basketball, and other sports.

Decathlon Metrotown
4800 Kingsway unit 288, Burnaby, BC V5H 4P1
(778) 655-7556

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