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DibFit Cycle x Athleta

I am going to start off by saying this is probably going to be the most fun I have writing a blog review. And I hope that my writing reflects how much fun I had doing this activity.

It all started with my attending the new Athleta Robson Street store opening. They are a new athletic-leisure brand created and manufactured by the same company that does apparel for Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. An impressive legacy lending its experience to a brand that hopes to rival Lululemon in this fast-growing sector.

Having now tried on the apparel I can confirm that they have the softest and most comfortable brand of leggings I have ever had on my skin. And their sports tops are supportive without pinching, nor does it bunch up creating unsightly pockets of flesh. Everything I tried looked and fit well. And everything I saw on others did the same. So now I wanted to put it to the physical/friction test, to see if the apparel would hold up in a more dynamic setting.

During the grand opening celebrations guests were invited to do a 5-minute booty workout with instructor Daniela. We squatted and pulsed with tension bands around our thighs. A few minutes of work and all the sweat to prove it. Completed in regular street clothes, I wasn’t expecting to work so hard at the demo. However, with Daniela’s encouragement and contagious energy I couldn’t help it.

She left such a good impression that I had to find her after the session to ask what her day job was and where I could see more of her. Here, I was introduced to Dib Fit. Daniela met most of her fame has a Soul Cycle instructor, as her popularity grew so did her class size, to the point that she needed her own studio to do her brand of fitness cycling. Anyone can ride, but not everyone can motivate you into enjoying the ride.

So, fast forward, along with a couple of girl friends, we signed up for her “Sexy Saturday” spin class, reading it as the most exciting title of all the available classes. And boy, did it not disappoint.

Located in the basement, past winding stairs, no signs visible from the street. The studio is hard to spot, it you don’t already know where you are heading. But when you get there the two bikes out front marks the spot.

You check in at the door, signing in and acknowledging which bike you have been assigned. Then are given special biking shoes that clip onto the stationary bikes. This is to ensure that you don’t fall off.

Changing pods behind drapes and an actual washroom with toilet stall, changing room, and shower is available should you need to use any of the three. All your belongings are secured in one of their self-assigned combination lockers. Water bottles are bring your own, but each bike is equipment with a holder to caddy it and a sweat towel, because you will need it.

As the doors open, you pick your set of dumbbells from 1 to 10lbs. There is a rack behind each bike that you can rest these at as you pedal. Bikes are stationed in two staggered levels, wrapping around the room, it all faces the centre stage. Here, your instructors ride side by side. When ready, you mount your assigned bike, clipping in your special shoes with a forceful push downwards. They also make it much easier to cycle, only having to worry about forward motion and momentum.

The class begins with a humourous disclaimer, warning what happens in this closed door, darken room should stay that way. Your two sexy instructors have fun with plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes, that aren’t for the faint of heart. But for those like me, who love their sexual innuendo and isn’t squeamish, this sort of banter is for us. And it serves as the perfect way to stay distracted, allowing you to pedal further and longer without feeling it.

Without ruining too much of the surprise, (if you decide to try a class for yourself) but giving just enough to entice your curiosity. Riders can expect pedalling to some classic sexy club bangers, starting with Ginuwine’s Pony to set the tone. You get sexy lip syncs and dances straddling the bike, basically everything you’d expect from an instructor also trained in tantric fitness. And not just playful prods at each other, they also acknowledge the room, encouraging and recognizing riders by name. And shouting out general encouragement. Powerful manifestations to carry with you through the day. Not that it applies to me, but I felt that “Sexy Saturday” would be a great class to take for someone going through heartache and heart break. It was positive and upbeat and helped you keep your head up high. Powerful quotes acknowledging you are who you need to be, and where you need to be, and are enough.

Much like the routine and show they put on stage, the class isn’t just straight pedalling. Hand movements and ab crunches are incorporated into continuous leg propulsion. You are encouraged to add resistance throughout the class, but are reminded to make it your own. I found the moves challenging as the need to balance and have a solid core was evident. You follow along as the room does hand taps across the handles, push-ups, body rolls, squats up and down on the seat, and side bends. All the above added a different dimension to the ride. But be careful, on my first push up I was too eager and slammed by chin on the handlebars hard. And my two companions would complain about bruised thighs and sore privates due to excessive force applied as they tried to keep up with the up and down motion, the days after. Mid set you are invited to rest your legs as the group does bicep curls with their chosen weights.

As a whole, the class was satisfying, I sweated my hair wet and walked out feeling accomplished. And I successfully put my new Athleta legging to the test. I run hot so was worried about getting over heated with full covering pant, but the leggings is what kept me warm and dry. They wick away moisture and despite only seeing slight sweat discolouration in the “valley” of the crotch, they remained unscathed. I walked away from this one with better toned thighs and a flattering pair of leggings to show them off in.

In closing, I can highly recommend both them and the class. For those interested, Dib Fit does offer discounted and trial classes. And for those who commit after your first set, you are entitled to a new client discount. Be sure to check them out for your fitness needs.

DibFit Cycle
806 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5, Canada
+1 604-423-3782

1035 Robson St CRU 1, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A9, Canada
+1 604-337-8660

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