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Ear Cleansing

I have heard about the process of ear cleansing before, but until now have never actual done it. Though recently I had someone introduce me to Pacific Alternative Medical Clinic and vouche for the ear cleansing he had done there. This was enough for me to book an appointment with the only counseling practitioner of Natural Health at the clinic. A day before the appointment we were advised to pour kitchen oil into each of our ear canals, three times within the day: morning, noon, night. A teaspoon’s worth on each occasion to wear the existing wax down, to ensure as much as possible is removed during the process. I never thought I would pour olive oil into my ears, but I did as instructed, in order to best maximize the results. The task definitely requires additional hands. There is no way to accurately pour into your own ear, directly down a hole that you can’t see. And if you did it would be a mess. I did this as a two person team and there was still spillage. Oil down the chin, oil flooding the ear, and excess oil being absorbed by paper towel. 

'I advise letting the oil pool and sit within your ear for a few minutes, because as soon as you sit up it all comes out.
So be prepared with a cotton ball to plug up the ear, or as in our case paper towel wads. Once again, this arduous process was repeated 2 more times within the same day, and once more before we left home for the actual procedure. This was the worse part. It was abrasive going in and clogged your ear. You get the feeling of not having clear hearing, like your ears aren’t popping despite you trying. In hindsight this might have improved our perspective of the overall result of ear cleansing. Making it worse before making it considerably better.
Ear Cleansing Vancouver Pacific Alternative Medical Clinic
As for the actual appointment. It is one at a time and takes about 45 minutes between each ear and the time in between to set up. The clinic is hard to locate from the exterior. With no signs or advertisements you wouldn’t know where to go and that the place existed if you didn’t get a referral like we did.

The Process

The process begins with the typical waiver. Though truth be told it does make you weary wondering if you could be deafen by the procedure. And honestly having gone through it myself now, I don’t think the pressure can get strong enough to do any damage. (More on that later).

You are asked to lay on your side with one ear against the pillow and the other open to the ceiling. After peering into your ear and confirming the visual signs of ear wax, the practitioner drops a medicated serum down your ear channel to further loosen and soften the wax. You are asked to wait for 10 minutes as it begins to bubble within. When ready you are told to sit up on a stool and hold a specially shaped bucket against your ear. Do this close and tight or else you will get wet. The practitioner then uses a metal syringe to inject warm jets of water into your ear.

The process floods and flushes out the loosen debris. Their process is repeated 3 times and all the liquid and chunks that come out of it are collected in a measuring glass.

'At the end you get to admire it all. You are gross to know it came out of you, yet happy that it did. .

It is both unappetizing, yet alluring at the same time. To help dry out the ear the practitioner instructs you to lay down again as he uses a magnifying glass, cotton swabs, and a swirl tool to help dry any free drops. He goes about it very gently.

This process is then repeated with the other ear. I found the results of the cleanse similar from ear to ear. The darker the chunks the more toxic your body is.

We were advised to repeat this process regular to aid in good ear health. That we want to avoid swabbing that lead to wax build up. That the washing method is the only way to effectively dredge and clean. And in doing so we avoid a future of poor hearing.

The result of us removing build up from our ear drum, was the ability for it to better vertebrate and for our ears to pick up more sound. We were left feeling very light in the head. And our hearing for the day was noticeable acute.

The volume of the music in the car was too loud, and we heard the detailed sounds of bumps and scrapes as we drove. Most notable was how loud I realized I was/am. Enough so that I corrected it. Although how much I enjoyed my new hearing and listening powers it doesn’t last.

The familiarity effect takes over and what you feel and sense becomes normalized. Although the feeling of knowing you have clean and empty ears is worth it enough. Like knowing you have something toxic in your body, but not removing it. In conclusion, I highly recommend this procedure for the experience if not the health benefits.

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