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F45 Training, Lougheed

The long awaited lift on gyms and fitness centres is finally here, or at least by some capacity.

When we last left off, Diana of @foodologyca and I were continuing our search for a Monday to Friday gym/workout/class that was not only close to our homes in North Burnaby, but worked with our very active schedules, and was something we actually enjoyed.

I, myself was still taking my premium classes at Rumble Boxing, but the cost and travel time had me reserving it for a once or twice a week treat. And as a supplement Diana and I were taking a cardio kickboxing classes at 9Round; which has since shuttered citing the lack of consistent funds, due to Covid and the ever changing restrictions.

Fast forward, we had completed the 2 week trial at F45 Lougheed. $45 for unlimited access to any number of their classes available 5 times a day: 3 slots in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. At this point we were finding it a little monotonous, considering we had been training with closed fists and flexed feet. However, Diana had been gifted a month’s worth of workout for free, so we both decided to stay steadfast with F45 Lougheed.

And although we had our reservations and were still actively looking for alternatives, that offered more and better last minute drop in options, we kept at it. And spoiler, we are glad we did. Thanks to the latest gym ban and blackout, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

I also was bought in after learning that Marky Mark and David Beckham work out at F45c and are part owners of the franchise. The endorsement gave me more gusto and the quick results I was seeing on myself, the steadfast attitude I needed to continue forward.

Functional 45: circuit training was not only recommend by Diana’s husband, but fellow foodie Deanna of @deannawoo as well. There are several locations, each privately owned. So if you sign up for one, at a specific location, you can only attend sessions therein. We began with the trial at the Lougheed location, as that is where our friends were. And despite the Burnaby one being closer to me, I ended up appreciating the newer space of the Lougheed gym and the candour of the staff and the friendly neighbourhood environment they provided.

The functioning portion of the name refers to (as taken from their website) their “full-body workouts that improve energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.” Each class is 45 minutes of circuit training that varies day by day. Each class is given an inspiring name and logo, reflective of the sport or workout it lends from. For example ”Mont Blanc” was a workout that was designed to improve the skills and endurance of skiers and snowboarders. And “Pipeline” was modelled after the movements of surfers. Depending on the day of the week the above is themed around either cardio, resistance training, or a little bit of both.

Before each class begins you are given the rundown of the course by one of the trainers. One talks you through the why’s and how’s, the other demonstrations it. But don’t worry you need not memorize, as the moves are televised for participants to follow along with.

The warm up moves are also broadcasted on one of the several flatscreens. And as is the case with the actual circuit, there is a visual you can follow along with, and a bar that counts down your time within each circuit. Said bar also calculates how much time you get for rest/water breaks and sanitizing the station for the person after you.

One day it was 12 rounds, 3r eps, with a rest per round. On another it was 16 rounds that builds with 20 seconds of action, 10 seconds of rest, 30 seconds of action, 10 seconds of rest, 40 seconds of action, 10 seconds of rest; and so on and so forth repeatedly. Yet another day was set up as pods, with three stations focusing on similar movements.

The reality is that even though you are doing repetitive motion and similar moves, it feels new and different each class, which is especially helpful for regulars. F45 also engages in this through the bevy of equipment made available from resistance bands and medicine balls to bike machines, rowers, and climbing ropes. My favourite thus far has been the weighted sled that you push and the heavy sledge hammer that you ground pound with.

I won’t go into each individual work out, but know that even when they repeat the same workout on the same day, two weeks in a row the movements within is different. The workout also feels different depending on who you are paired with. Bring a friend and work harder trying to impress or keep up with them. Or make a new one to help inspire you towards your fitness goal.

To summarize, what started off as boredom through repetitive motion was quickly made enjoyable discovering the move of the day and learning about all the fun equipment we would get to utilize. Not to mention they are active on social media, so don’t mind and are encouraging of your do the same, and to tag them as well.

It wasn’t until we were unable to attend and my body didn’t feel as charged as it did with regular classes, that I knew something had to change. I had to continue working out to stay active and feeling fit, and attending F45 certainly helped.

F45 Training
655 North Rd Unit 107, Coquitlam, BC V3J 1P5

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