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Full Bloom Lavender Farm

There are so many tranquil and picturesque places to visit in Langley, if you know where to look. And we just discovered one of them in Full Bloom, a family owned and operated lavender farm situated on their own homestead.

Their son checks in the vehicles driving in, ensuring that they have their entry tickets, and their daughter tends to the gift shop where you can pick up dried bouquets of lavender.

The have more than 2,300 lavender plants in 9 different varieties. But sadly, I did not realize that the season is only a month long, and in the time of me posting this, they are now closed for the year. This will just have to be something that you book and look forward to next year, as they are only an hour east of Vancouver and a fun little escape.

They are a unique spot to visit and appreciate lavender in. A great place to pick up local and homemade lavender products, and best of all everything smells so wonderful.

There are plenty of photo ops, as you can frolic amongst the lavender plants, stop to smell the flowers, sit and relax on their patio furniture, and even help yourself to their lavender flavoured ice cream.

Full Bloom Lavender Farm
2926 248 St, Langley, BC V4W 2R2
(778) 955-5871

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