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Holidays at Metrotown 2023

Today were we at the preview of Metrotown’s latest seasonal campaign, “Holidays at the Met” with Santa Claus coming to visit the mall.

Looking to cater to everyone’s idea of Santa, this holiday season, visitors to Metropolis at Metrotown can choose the specific Santa the meet. This is still the Santa we know and love, but in all his identities, with costuming to match.

Choose your Santa experience from the following. Father Christmas is the classic jolly fellow with a snow-white beard and a twinkle in his eye. Whereas Kris Kringle is energetic, charming, and more geared towards fun. Global Santa represents the many sides of Santa that exist amongst families from around the world. And Tropical Santa, will come through later in the season, to tell everyone all bout his post-holiday travels. I was wishful and hoping to be able to get a glimpse of all of them today, but I guess Santa can’t be in multiple places at once; and definitely not together, side by side with other Santas.

Instead, we met his friend Asian Santa, the boisterous and funny helper of Santa who steps in for him, from time to time. This Santa and his elf were available for photographs and impromptu dancing (in our case).

Along with a chance to meet Santa-proxy and take photos with him, guests were welcomed to explore the empty retail space converted into a festive holiday nook with live DJ keeping the beats going.

There were trees and tinsel all bathed in a glow of red. Plenty to take photos of and have as a photo opportunity.

Participating Metrotown vendors had booths set up, where they offered samples and demo-ed their products.

Sephora makeup artists were on site offering perfume spritzes and mini makeup refreshers.

Osim was showcasing their full reclinable massage chairs that read your biometrics and gave you a catered massage. There is even built-in chair pockets so that you can have your hands and feet massaged too.

We got cozy in a fully dressed QE home bed with fuzzy throws and plush pillows.

Nespresso had their line of machines out, dispensing coffee by the pod. Available as a shot or fully decked out with fluffy giant marshmallows and their branded coffee-complimenting chocolate.

For the kids and those who want it caffeine-free there was a build your own hot chocolate bar at the back with candy canes and mini marshmallows.

And for something a bit more adult-themed there was a bar with cranberry and rum based cocktails and/or wine by the glass.

Canapés and help yourself grazing boards were prepared by Modern Pantry.

Today’s assembly included a tray of sandwiches in egg salad, chicken curry, and ham and cheese croissant.

Plus a tropical fruit and veggies and dip platter.

There was also a fresh baked, still hot from the oven, melty brie wheel topped with cranberry to be eaten with wedges of focaccia.

On top of eating, drinking, and shopping, there were also crafting stations to make your own acrylic ornaments using stickers. And your own festive foliage bouquets to decorate the house with from Heart Florists.

In short, this was a fun was to learn how BC’s largest shopping centre is celebrating the holiday season and to get everyone in the shopping mood.

In summary, taken from the press release.

Get into the spirit of the holidays with Metropolis at Metrotown this season with the centre’s annual charitable initiatives and a new, exciting Santa experience:

Starting November 13th until December 30th, visitors to Metropolis at Metrotown can push the boundaries of their imagination with a collection of distinct Santa experiences throughout the mall. In support of diverse perspectives of Santa, the centre will host a series of Santas, including Father Christmas, Global Santa, Kris Kringle and even Tropical Santa, for meet-and-greets and photo sessions. Those seeking mementos with their favourite version of Santa can book ahead on Metropolis at Metrotown’s website. Partial proceeds from the photo sessions will be donated to Burnaby Christmas Bureau

From December 1st – 24th, beautify your holiday gifts with Metropolis at Metrotown’s annual charity gift wrap, in support of Burnaby Neighbourhood House

Channel the spirit of giving by donating toys to local families through the Burnaby Christmas Bureau with the centre’s local toy drive on December 9th, hosted by the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society

Marvel at BC’s biggest shopping centre’s stunning holiday lights and bright festive décor, while shopping for your loved ones at over 330 stores offering fashion, electronics, homeware, beauty and more

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