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House of Comedy, Trixx

Seeing as we earned two free tickets during our last visit to New Westminster’s House of Comedy, we decided to use them this Friday night. They are good for any show, that isn’t listed as a “special presentation” such as for Patrick Ho, in a couple of weeks. He is a notable tik-toker who specializes in comedic timing skits. But I digress.

No reservation needed, you just walk in with your passes and are immediately seated first come, first serve. They fill up the front, closest to the stage first, with the largest groups right by the base of the stage.

This was the second of 4 nights for our headliner Trixx: April 18 to 21st. His credentials include the winner of the Boston Comedy Festival, being on Just For Laughs, and as seen on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network.

We arrivee earlier and helped fill out the bottom area of the stage. We were not hungry per se, but did order food and drink as something to do at a comedy show. Not to mention the jokes are just funnier the tipsier you are. Facts!

We ordered a bottle of Kokanee beer, two 9oz glasses of their house red: a Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by a couple of their specialty cocktails.

This included, surprisingly, the best tropical cocktail I have had with a melon liqueur, mango, and pineapple juice. This was so easy as we didn’t taste or notice the spirit mixed within.

The one we ended the night on was a rum and tequila mix. Strong, like you just took lemonade and added rum with its cola body to it, then stirred to serve.

For food we ordered two batches of wings. Not because we were hungry, but just because it was fun to keep our fingers busy as we watched the just under 90 minutes show. Instead of having our wings already dressed. We ordered them in salt and pepper with the sauce they would have been tossed in, on the side as a dip. A suggestion our server kindly offered and one we were happy to have, as being able to choose our flavour and how much sauce on each drumlet or wing added to the textural eating sensation. The Buffalo dressing followed by a dunk in ranch was my favourite. I found the barbecue with its sweet hickory flavour not to my tastes, to tangy too bottle bought.

It was here that I noticed how the House of Comedy were quick to give away tickets for future shows, like the ones we came with. The menu announced what dishes to order for a certain number of free tickets. The pre-show screen advertised favourable social media posts and reviews in exchange for tickets. And on each table we’re ballots to fill for a chance to win even more tickets. All this because I don’t believe they actually make money on ticket sales, but instead the food and drinks you order at the show. With plenty of hospitable staff that were eager to serve and follow up to see if you wanted more, done all throughout the show. Seeing as we ordered plenty tonight, we were given 4 more tickets for future shows, which we will undoubtedly use and repeat the above again.

Tonight’s show started with the host rallying the crowd. He talked about his personal experience in the world of online dating and even broached the topic of dick pics. And after getting enough audience response he declared us a good crowd.

As always, I won’t be recapping too much of each performer’s set, and instead encourage you to visit for yourself because this type of show is best in person and in the moment.

I will say I liked how each performer’s set intertwined with the next from host to opening act Patrick Haye, and followed on through to our headliner Trixx. Such topics included the New West strip club that doesn’t serve alcohol, wanting women to have some pubic hair; and not being too woke and sensitive, allowing comics to say what they find humourous and allowing those who too find it funny to laugh.

Patrick Haye even gave us a timeline walk through of the evolution of wokeness, as well as a walk down memory lane with covid and what life during the pandemic was like. I guess enough time has passed, for us to be able to look back and laugh. I liked his quick and concise joke telling, but did find their bridge disjointed, as he took us from one topic to another, jumping around with no continuity.

Trixx played off his race with black jokes and he engaged with the audience the most. Calling out the couples in the front row comparing newer relationships, to the longest standing one at 30 year, and one that just got back together after calling it quits. Everyone was willing to banter back, and there weren’t any hecklers.

The highlight was Trixx wanting to thank those he ribbed, and the ability those gave him to do so with a round of shots. Six tequila shots, 5 of which to give out from his own bill. However many of his intended shots recipients actually turned down his gesture, stating they didn’t drink or just didn’t like tequilla. So I was quick to grab one for myself, seeing as I was within walking distance to the stage.

Funnily enough, with my dyed platinum blonde hair Trixx called me a white girl. I questioned him stating that I was Asian, but still wanted the shot. To close out the show, we all raised our shots and drank to a humourous night.

And as per House of Comedy tradition, after the show’s end we were quick to scurry to the front lobby to be able to thank our performers in person. Plus pose for photos with both, thus concluding another successful night at the House of Comedy in New Westminster. We will definitely be back, after all we now have 4 free tickets to use.

Rick Bronson’s – House of Comedy BC
530 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 1B2,

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