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Jokers Canada at Havana Theatre

I have already attended one Joker’s Canada set and liked it enough to look into watching another. Jokers brings comedy fans local talent from all across Canada, to perform at intimate venues. And having watched international comedians at Rogers Arena this year, I can definitely say I enjoy this setting and experience much more. Plus the cost to experience is well worth the value.

The latest Jokers Canada show was held at Havana Theatre, a smaller back room space adjacent to the popular Latin restaurant on Commercial Drive. So for the full dinner and a show experience I suggest making reservations for dinner and then proceeding to the show afterwards.

We didn’t think to make reservations at Havana, believing that the theatre and the restaurant were one and the same. Luckily, the bar was first come first served and there was actually an empty spot for this bustling Saturday night.

For our dinner of Latin cuisine with a Pacific Northwest flair, visit the link below.

Be warned, the comedy show starts promptly as advertised, and you don’t want to be the ones holding it up. In a smaller venue you see everyone coming and going. This was the case with us, as it took longer to settle up at the bar and we didn’t rush, figuring we would just be fashionably late. Instead, we held up the performers and the two rows of fully seated tables that were positioned across from the stage.

The theatre is fairly dark, making it more challenging for the comics to engage. Harder to see faces and read expressions. But a reprieve for those in the audience who fear being called on, or to be made a target of any joke, by any given comedian. Although, in general of such shows, I find that each performer is very perceptive and knows when to engage and when to push. When to drop a gag, or to opt for another, from someone else that wants to be part of the live aspect of the show.

You can order food and drinks all throughout the show, a lone server does well to check in and take orders as the night progresses. She does this without interrupting the performers, and as a result everyone is able to continue drinking, keeping the good times flowing.

We would further indulge in a couple of salted rim lime margaritas followed by beer and wine, respectively. This definitely added value to our night as we felt more relaxed and the jokes kept coming.

Each live comic was a character, each stood out from the last; each with their own perspective, style, and story. There were even two headliners to close out the night. The quicker rotation of faces kept the set flowing, leaving you anticipating who you would meet next. And this great diverse representation is what Joker’s Canada is all about: making national talent in our cultural mosaic accessible.

The show opened with a newer comic who only found his calling later in life. And continued on with a younger man that utilized his form of dress to deliver unexpected shock jokes. There was a cute older women who spoke her brand of physics joke with deadpan punch lines and no room for response. The Asian comedic was upfront in declaring that his jokes were not for everyone; told in his perspective as a minority it landed on serval colonial tropes that I related to, but half the room didn’t.

Our first headliner gave us an international flair, speaking to her immigration struggles and the need to do anything for citizenship. And the evening was rounded out by our second headliner speaking to life as a stay at home father, the joys of relying on his bread-winning wife, and the ability to be here chasing his dreams tonight.

All great outlooks tied together by our Joker’s Canada host, a local East Indian comic who spoke to Vancouver’s cultural diversity, throwing a lot of self deprecating brown humour that the audience related to. He especially did well to tie the acts together, and to keep the flow going with throw backs. Not to mention great audience back and forth.

In conclusion, I am a fan of Joker’s Canada and highly suggest that you check out their next performance for a great night out. Visit the link below for show dates and ticket information.



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