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Jokers Canada at The Roxy

Vancouver is known as a stiff and unfriendly city, but one man and his one group is trying to change all that through humour. This is Jokers Canada’s latest show, a sold-out affair at The Roxy.

Vancouver is also known as the “No fun city” with a sparse night life, so a sold out Monday show (on a school night), speaks volumes to the people’s love of comedy.

This was my first time at the Roxy, a long standing, well known, and beloved night club. The bustling bar, iridescent glow of neon, and the energy of so many dance parties long ago radiate throughout the space. The setting served well as the energy of the night club that is already known for a good time and boisterous music transferred through to the comedy set.

And best of all we had a fully stocked bar at our disposal. With beer and a selection of strong highballs. After all, comedy is much more enjoyable when you are a lot more loose.

Seating was first come first serve, and naturally everyone’s fear of being picked on during a set meant. we who came in later, would get front row seats.

The show started promptly with our local host. He spoke to his life as a teacher and the ability to beat up his 5-foot 5 father when he himself is 6 foot plus.

He would be the perfect transition to the next performer who played up his height with plenty of short jokes of inadequacy.

Next, we had a comic and inspiring actor who was in the Snow Piercer tv series. He spoke to his career, being typed cast as a black actor falling into the typical DJ, gangster, or crack head roles.

Aaron the Comedian is a local Vancouver favourite as he plays up his Indian heritage. He speaks to his resemblance to other famous brown faces and pokes fun at Punjabi names and all the Surrey stereotypes. All of which is very familiar as we all have that one friend.

Next we had a sheepish looking girl with bowl cut bangs and layered Farrah Fawcett shaggy hair. She made fun of her own appearance playing up to the fact she recognizes that she looks un-sexual active. She then continued the set breaking out of her shell to explore more in sexuality and her love of dirty talk and fetishes. I liked her “climax” (intentional pun), where she explained that now that she was in a healthy relationship, with a man that makes her feel comfortable in her own skin, she is able to be more of herself and explore more of herself.

And as before, one performer’s topic led in well to the next. The conversation of women and their sexual exploits.

This is my second time seeing Yumi on stage, a Japanese comic that has lived in Vancouver for over 15 years now, and jokes she still has her Japanese accent. She uses this and the stereotypical Japanese mannerisms to her advantage. She plays coy and aloof, to shock with her punch lines.

Our second co-headliner was a new face and one I won’t soon forget as he compared himself to a budget, Keanu Reeves from John Wick. He even did the impression, which was followed by a great audience reaction. So, he continued on with other celebrity impressions like Christopher Walken and Donald Trump, to the point where he even asked the crowd for suggestions. He sadly refused mine for Mark Wahlberg, telling me to keep it in my pants! He was a great blend of wacky and blunt. The crowd had fun as he poked and prodded, calling out the quality of people here on Monday.
In fact, several jokes throughout the night were made at the expense of this being a Monday, including the quality of the performers themselves, the caliber of the jokes they would pull out, as well as the clientele (us) watching them. In reality, given the irregular performance day some pretty big names in local comedy were able to make it out.

I’ve been to three Jokers Canada performances now, each one in a different venue, each one with its own style, and each one is a whole new experience. I highly recommend them. They have performers and performances from all across Canada and can also be hired for corporate shows. Be sure to check out the link below for the next event.


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