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La Fraise Rose

La Fraise Rose is Vancouver’s first store offering chocolate covered strawberries.

This local florist selling seasonally inspired dried bouquets has recently branched out of the Richmond mall scene, to carve out their standalone location within Mount Pleasant.

As per the press release, they are proudly a “women led and minority owned floral company based in Vancouver, BC”. Their “mission is to create unforgettable memories through their stunning arrangements, whether it be their florals or chocolate strawberry bouquets.” They give back to the community and fuel the causes that mean the most to them by donating a portion of their proceeds to support the Vancouver Rape Relief Society and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation; dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse and furthering Female entrepreneurship, and women’s rights.

I recently visited their new location with its easy to spot pink floral window trim and the pink painted walls, visible past the all-glass exterior. Inside are shelves lined with decorative floral arrangements and single bouquets, currently matching the tone of the season’s colder temperatures. Single roses, roses in gradient colour set, roses as a center piece to a flourish of wispy botanicals. Each meant to last well past their fresh flower cousins. Intermingled in the displays are also candles worthy of gifting.

During my visit, they were still working on the showcase to display their new chocolate strawberry options. But know that they have Belgian chocolate covered strawberries in white chocolate or white chocolate dyed pink, and in the classic milk chocolate. Each topped with real 24k edible gold flakes and packaged in their signature black and gold trim box, wrapped in their pink branded ribbon. Each box ready for immediate gifting, as intended. As a perishable food product, it is best to give these the same day you pick them up, for the giftee to bite into the freshest of berries. Each box comes with either 8 or 15 berries and makes for a great gift for any occasion.

Looking for something a bit more exciting, they also have a “More Matcha Chocolate Strawberry Box”, where their Belgian chocolate covered strawberries are coated in matcha powder infused white chocolate then topped with candied pomelo, green tea kit kat, and green tea pocky. And their “Sweet Tooth Chocolate Strawberry Box” is Belgian chocolate covered strawberries in milk chocolate, topped with assorted dried and candied fruit like figs, raspberry, and pineapple.

We were lucky to be the first to unwrap their new Christmas Belgian chocolate covered strawberry sets with both red and white coloured, milk and white chocolate strawberries. A couple were dress like Santa with white trimmed red suit and brown belt. Other dawned a gingerbread or pinetree shaped mini piece of chocolate. A few had gold leaf, but my favourite were the red crumbly looking ones flavoured in red velvet.

Super sweet strawberries and quality chocolate, this came together for the best of both worlds. Be sure to keep them in mind for your next gifting needs.

La Fraise Rose
481 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L3, Canada
+1 604-229-0088

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