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Lakeland Flowers, Abbotsford Tulip Festival

Abbotsford now has its own Tulip festival at Lakeland Flowers, which also happens to be the largest tulip showcase in the Fraser Valley. Parallel fields of tightly planted blooms with over 70 different tulips in an array of rainbow colours. Opened from April 14th to May 14th, weather permitting.

This is the “time-honoured Dutch tradition brought to British Columbia, spanning 27 acres in the heart of the Fraser Valley. With 5 kms of tulip-lined pathways, you will have the opportunity to walk among 70+ varieties of tulips, blooming in all different colours, shapes, and sizes.” (As taken from their website).

The fields are vast, and expand as far as the eye can see, so despite the crowd that gathers and the number of cars lined up to park in the lot, there are plenty of flowers for everyone. And for the most savvy of photographers, you are definitely able to capture your perfect tulip moment with minimum people in your background.

But first getting there, the fields are quite the drive and if you aren’t going first thing in the morning, and/or are visiting on a busy and sunny weekend expect traffic delays. And when you get there, there are lines to park and a trek from the lot to check in. Plus another journey from there to the actual fields themselves.

It is best to purchase your ticket online ahead of time to save money and time. A scan at the tented entrance and you are good to enter. Online tickets are available for purchase 7 days in advance. Ticket prices range from $8 – $25. With discounts for those who purchase online at least a day in advance. Kids 3 and under visit for free. Note all ticket sales are final despite of weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, the travel from entrance to the actual tulip site is long and far on foot. Unpaved dirt walkways lined with planters and light billboard reading, giving you the history of the farm and its owner.

For those looking to make the most of their visit and spend the day, there are food trucks parked up front and picnic tables where you can lunch on. Plenty of portable washrooms to avoid excessive waiting. And within the fields themselves, a live musician serenading all the visitors and curating a vibe.

But naturally everyone is here for the photo ops. Majority of the field is sectioned off by twine, as it is a working farm and the crop is ultimately for sale. Sale at either their own on site shop or to a distributor to resell at a corner store or your local flower shop. This roped off section still allows you to walk a few steps in between the tight rows of tulips, for a lush foreground in your photos.

I especially appreciated the signs posted at the beginning of each row of tulips. They gave you the name of each variety. It was interesting to learn of names like “voicemail”, “sunbelt”, and “crossfire”.

“Lakeland Flowers boasts Canada’s largest flower offering with 100 acres of flowers on show across a six month growing season, beginning with tulips in April and May. Followed by Peonies in May and June, Lavender from June to August, and Sunflowers from June to September. Plus meadow flowers all season. The latter is part of their regenerative agriculture program and includes winter canola, buckwheat, phacelia, and field flowers.

To visit the largest tulip fields in the Fraser Valley, with the most tulips, and the largest varieties of tulips head to Lakeland flowers before the season is over on May 15th, 2023. For tickets and additional information, visit the link below.

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