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Lakeland Tulip Festival 2024

As soon as Vancouver gets some steady sun buds begin to bloom, marking the beginning of flower season. Which means Lakeland Flowers is returning with its annual Summer Flower Festival. A six month long affair starting with tulips and ending with sunflowers.

Located in Abbotsford, BC Lakeland currently has over 28 acres and 100 tulip varieties to take it. All set to the backdrop of our coastal mountains, minding the power lines. And if you come at the right time of day you can capture the colourful field with the rising or setting sun in the background.

Known as the destination for fantastic photo ops, there are even more props than ever to utilize this year. Event goers can enjoying colourful benches carefully set in-front of the fields, canoes, wooden swings, giant klompen (the Dutch word for wooden shoes), raised viewing platforms, bicycles, and even a baby grand piano.

But best of all, they have decreased the trek to the field. Having been last year, I recall the winding road ticket holders had to travel to get to the sea of flowers. This year the check-in and flower shop tents are right by the expansive gravel parking lot. And just before it is a series of picnic tables and chairs for anyone to enjoy, plus the portable toilets and sinks needed for an extended stay.

I recommend coming with a picnic lunch, to best enjoy your time and take full advantage of the admission cost. On select days there will even be food trucks on site to order from. And on some nights live music, making them a great date destination.

During my visit, in the second week of April, the fields were still in early bloom stage. For the fullest flowers, the best time to visit is from the third week of April to the first week of May. However, it is most likely the busiest, with things peaking on the weekends.

Therefore, I was happy to come early and enjoy the expanse and splendour of the field, by myself, in the middle of a week day, to take in the sights with limited sounds.

New specialty varietals have been imported from Holland, including a legacy tulip named after Peter Warmerdam, the owner, Nick Warmerdam’s father.

April and May will have tulips and assorted field flowers, May and June will feature over 30 acres of peonies, lupins, Siberian wallflowers, and lavender. And the Lakeland Flowers’ summer flower festival will end with over 40 acres of sunflowers, 80 varieties of flowering crops, and 20 species of cut flowers.

The Abbotsford Tulip Festival is open every day, rain or shine, from dawn until dusk. And is tentatively scheduled to open on April 15th and close on May 12th.

Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day. For the best deals purchase your ticket online before you drive out. Online tickets are available one week in advance. Discounts for seniors and children are available.

Lakeland Flowers, Abbotsford Tulip Festival
3663 Marion Rd., Abbotsford, BC V3G 2J6

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