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Lunar New Year at Metrotown

BC’s largest shopping centre is celebrating the year of the dragon in a big way. Already well known for their grand atrium displays this Lunar New Year is no different.

A golden dragon swirls around cotton clouds high above, and on the ground a collection of decorative lions, lanterns, and blooming florals. A setting befitting of the festivities Metropolis at Metrotown is planning for the occasion. Starting February 9, and running through to February 24, 2024 visitors can expect live performances, workshops, and traditional displays to help usher in the Year of the Dragon.

In this post we got a sneak peak summary of it all during their kick off mingler. There were vendors showcasing their wares and sampling their goods.

Artists hosting build your own dragon charm workshops and a showcase on how to Chinese paint brush a dragon.

There were dragon fruit cocktails and wine to elevated the mood.

And buffet of Chinese themed bites by Savoury Chef Catering, the likes of braised pork belly, ginger chilli shrimp, Sichuan chimichurri siu mai, and savoury glutinous rice. Along with a platter of various cakes for dessert.

Many, including myself were entranced by the artist pouring picture perfect candy. Syrup hardened into peaches, bunnies, and even a dragon

The following is what you can expect from their calendar of events.

From February 9th to the 24th, if you spend $288 at the mall, receive a $25 gift card plus a gift, with proof of purchase. After your shopping visit the cherry blossom tree in the Grand Court and choose a lucky red pocket. Inside you’ll find a $25 gift card and a retail voucher, along with a memento celebrating Year of the Dragon.

And for every shopper who claims a red pocket, Metropolis at Metrotown will donate $5 to the Angels on Earth Society. The Burnaby-based charity providing cultural education from marital arts to the traditions of lion dancing to students at no cost.

There will be Lion Dance performances on February 14, starting at 10am at the Grand Court. Visitors are invited to follow the lion as it parades throughout Metropolis at Metrotown, bringing good luck and prosperity to shoppers and retailers.

On February 16 from 12pm – 2pm in the Grand Court there will be a musical performance of the guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument with a 2,500-year-old history.

There will also be a “Lucky Buddha” mascot available for photos, while handing out red envelopes.

On February 17 at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm and 3:30pm you can attend a culinary workshop. Where you can learn how to prepare traditional Lunar New Year meals, such as dumplings.

On February 23 from 12pm – 2pm you can make your own festive lantern.

On February 24 starting at 12pm you can take in live entertainment. Watch a dumpling eating contest, dance to traditional and K-pop music, and learn how to perform the lion dance.

Lunar New Year celebrations at Metropolis at Metrotown begin February 9 and run until February 24, 2024. The shopping centre is open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 9pm, and Sunday, 11am – 7pm. For more information, visit www.metropolisatmetrotown.com.

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