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Nuovo Artistic Photography

My motto has always been to try everything once, and as a blogger I enjoy attempting and writing about my experiences so that someone may find use in my words and retelling. So I when I had the opportunity to try boudoir photography for the very first time, I jumped at the chance.

“Boudoir” is a French word for a woman’s private bedroom, and it has become synonymous with elegant, semi nude, artistic photos. Typically, many women don’t partake in such photography due to body issues. Or they do it not for themselves, but for the men/women they are with. Therefore I was determined to carry this out for myself, in a style I would appreciated, myself. And in that theme, I found Nuovo the ideal studio to help me with my vision.

Our belief and goals for this shoot aligned. The space and work is female centric. For women, by women, with women in mind. Whereas other studios lean towards women dressed in lingerie and/or accessories with the male fantasy in mind. Nuovo asks that you come as you are, and they will capture who you are in low key lighting. It is best described as a painting of light and shadow; a modernized portrait of yourself set to a black reflective background, accompanied by red silks and satins.

Your experience begins with a quasi-meet and greet with your photographer and a complimentary beverage to help ease the nerves. My session was with @zoe_olsson. She began our 2 hour session by giving me the background of Nuovo, before getting to know more about me, and aligning my expectations for the shoot with what Nuovo delivers.

Nuovo translates to “new you”. The company was established in 2019 in Montreal and has seen some good expansion over the years with Vancouver being it’s 4th location, and a few more on the way including Miami, Calgary, and Seattle. Even with the world’s pandemic, women are finding themselves naked before the camera and loving it.

Maybe you want to remember your young body at its peak? Maybe you want to learn to love the only body you have? Maybe you need the confidence and empowerment such a shoot brings? Or maybe you are like me checking off one on the bucket list? Who hasn’t wondered what’s it like to be a model in front of the camera? – Irregardless of your reasons, the all female staff are here to ensure your experience is the best that it can be.

They boast a diverse clientele. Servicing women of all kinds and types. Plus size, seniors, various skin tones and ethnicities. And with their rig and well catered poses, it all comes out beautiful. The examples, were literally on the wall.

I appreciated my photographer taking the time to sit and chat with me. She got to know my history, asking who I was, why I was here, and even why did I decide to cut my hair short. Probing questions that allowed me to form a familiarity with her quick. Something I would need for our intimacy to come. If baring your soul to someone you just met is hard, imagine baring your whole self in a similar sense. I am an open person that preaches her tag line of “real, raw, and relatable”, so the questions and the full nudity did not faze me. Not to mention Zoe was terrific at setting my mind at ease. She paid me attention and my body compliments. She was genuinely excited for the photos she took, and took the care and time to get each detail right to the best of her abilities. I highly recommend booking her, if you decide to endeavour on this journey after reading my review.

When time, you are lead into their specialized studio. As it is their trade craft and the set up proprietary, I will not be posting any photos of the setting. But basically it is a giant black acrylic stage with black background, a back lit “window”, spot lights, and the equipment needed to holster cameras in place.

You are given a piece of satin fabric to drape yourself in, after you have disrobed underwear and all. (This is a nude shoot after all). When ready you ding a bell and it begins. You are intimately guided through 12 unique poses by your photographer. Each done fully nude or partially covered with breast, booty, and coochie exposed intermittently. The first shot is nude with your back towards your photographer. This helped to get the naked ball rolling, before you turn around and bare it all for the lens. From here the pace it is fast and steady as your photographer demonstrates the pose and helps you get into place, often physically guiding you if you can’t do it (as was my case).

The photos are taken in a gold satin lighting, so they aren’t as revealing as you think. The shadows definitely help to hide. (Remember these are not shots meant to solicit a sexual reaction, but ones that are artful and thought-provoking. Available in both colour and black and white, I am choosing to only give you a taste of the latter, showcasing the more demure poses.

When your session is done, you have the ability to look through all the photos. And with the help of your photographer, you dwindle your digital photo roster down, until you have your favourites. What you immediately get to see isn’t the finished product. Nouvo has a team of expert production personnel, trained to best enhance your photos. Based on how many photos you absolutely love, you can purchase the appropriate package to keep them all. They don’t actually print the photos for you. You are basically only purchasing the digital copies with the ability to print them on high gloss stainless steel, which perfect of hanging on display. Or take your photos home as a coffee table book in hard cover or Italian bound leather.


Whereas other boudoir experiences ask for payment up front and what photos they take is what you get with no refunds; I appreciated that Nuovo places high priority on you leaving loving your photos and with all that you want. They even offer financing plans for those who have to budget such an expenditure into their lifestyle. For my own needs, I only ordered 9 photos, with plans to print a few to use as bathroom art. The fully edited and finished photos are sent to you online, via the email address you gave. For those who ordered prints or books, those will be sent directly to your address.

Other studios also partially own your photos, with the desire to use them as promotional material. However, at Nuovo they make no claims to your photo. Your session requires your commit to purchase, otherwise everything gets deleted. The studio does not keep extra copies, this policy helps to alleviate the concerns a customer may have over privacy.

In short this was such a great experience. I felt proud doing it, and even more so not having to hide myself. You learn to let go and throw away doubt. Then feel elegant with the elongates poses, and precious being wrapped up in satin. You ultimately walk away loving yourself more, having seen how amazing you look. I highly recommend doing this for yourself, because you deserve it and this is a good reminder of that fact.

Nuovo Artistic Photography Vancouver
157 Alexander St #200, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B8
(778) 657-5574

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