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Prestige Body Lab

I work out regularly and love my body, but am not apposed to improving it some, in my eyes. Here is where Prestige Body Lab comes in. Located in Surrey they are offering treatments that help to sculpt your body in a non-evasive way.

Essentially you are strapped into a machine that contracts your muscles at a micro level, engaging them in the “work” they would normally do to earn you those abs or harden those pecs you have been coveting. On the flip side it can also give you more muscular definition to parts that would benefit from bulking, such as your arms or buttocks. It can also help with any issues that involve the overly tightening of muscles that could use a bit of massaging. For example: planters fasciitis. There was even a case of a client being wheelchair bound, and after several treatments was able to walk again.

Seeing as I could benefit from all 3 benefits I was a perfect candidate for Prestige Body Lab’s services.

The process takes multiple treatments, but I figure I would post the review after two, as I have been getting a lot of questions on what this is all about and if it works. So here is part one, with part two to come when I am done all the necessary sessions for the optimum results.

Like any other spa treatment there is an intake form. And with a clean bill of health I was ushered into the temporary work room.

There, I disrobed in a way that made sense and would expose the area I was looking to treat. Originally I went in with healing my planter fasciitis in mind, but after learning this would be a long drawn out process, I opted for a lot more immediate gratification for my first treatment. Plus I was told it would be the most bang for my buck, and that after one session I would see a difference. And spoiler: I did and felt it too.

Your measurements are taken before and after, after all who can argue with numbers. The tape goes around and across your affected area (most popular procedure is for the abdomen, but you can do your arms, thighs, and anywhere else you want to tone).

Next, two Velcro strips are placed around the targeted area. They are to hold wet sponges in place, which are inserted under the Velcro. And from there wires attached to a machine is clipped on to each individual sponge.

What is essentially going to happen is the electrodes send shocks that knead and help to contract your muscles. So that they are engaging and working out, without you doing any of the actual work. And if Pokémon has taught us anything.. electricity is effective against water. So for the best results, the electric pulses that will be working our muscles go through the damp sponges.

The sensation is described as a tingle, but in reality it is uncomfortable and can be painful for people who have a lower pain tolerance. You are advised to continually wiggle your hands and your toes, and allow your body to sink into the table and relax. The goal is to not fight against the machine, but to let it go and do what it needs to; to give you the results you want. A hard practice that took me several attempts, as I still found myself contacting and engaging my core, fighting against some of the contractions.

There is a lean in period as you get accustomed to the procedure. Macro contractions, before you move into the micro level work. And throughout your 30 minute session, the power and pressure is steadily increased by two, at six minute intervals. An amount of time that flies by as you close your eyes and try to relax. An easy trick they recommend is to focus on the point between your eyebrows and imagine a place you want to be.

It is easier with the second session as there is no mystery and you know what to expect. You can relax more and your muscle memory is already activated.

After the first session I immediately noticed a difference visually, I could see that my abdomen was slightly flatten and the measurements confirmed it. I lost 3 inches around my rib cage, 2 across the waist, and 2.5 inches from the abdomen. You do not get measured each time. Only on the first treatment, the 5th which is the mid point, and the 10th, which is typically where you plateau and will see definition. The goal is not to be a certain size, but to make the muscles of your core (in my case) stronger with a decrease in dress size as a result.

A stronger core also aids in posture and any back pain from slouching or poor sleeping patterns. This is not a one time procedure and it does take upkeep, not only with additional treatments more infrequently after then initial set, but a healthy lifestyle with exercise and proper diet. This is especially the case for women as every month your lower belly aka ponch expands with your period as the uterus bloats. This treatment helps to bring it back in, as it flattens.

I have only spoken for the abdomen, which I am focusing on, but you can choose to do any part of your body, sans feet and neck, and the spine. All of which are avoided as these are all very sensitive parts that could see irreparable damage. Ideally, you sign up for treatments with 2-3 days in between to allow the fatigued muscles to rest (just like you would after a hard workout). After each session it is recommended that you relax the muscles with a warm bath of salt or baking soda to detox. Or in lieu of that a heating pad and/or hot water bottle are easier solutions.

After my initial treatment my stomach felt sore, as if I had completed a particularly intense core work out, with continued soreness for days to come. After the second treatment there was no new soreness, even despite the voltage being increased and the contractions intensified with little macro warm up. The result after both days was the sensation that felt like I was permanently sucking it in. And for the very first time I truly knew the definition of “snatched”.

I have at least 8 more sessions to go and I plan on trying and reporting on the bulking procedure for my bum as well. This is for those who want a plumper booty, but do not want to go the Brazilian butt lift route.

For those interested in trying this for yourself, as it is the onset of summer and swimsuit season is here, check out the link below and we can go on this journey of discovery together. Getting toned and targeting those areas regular fitness might not be able to help us reach our goals of.



8 thoughts on “Prestige Body Lab”

  1. It is probably in your best interest to remove Prestige Body Lab from your page. She has lied to thousands of women by presenting as an active doctor. Her license was pulled for many reasons. Her court case has also been made public as a warning for others. Google her name Monica Kehar. It is important to look up someone’s history before trying to influence the general public into being mislead and lied to. Just giving you a friendly heads up as many influencers have had to put out public, apologies to the woman in the greater Vancouver area as they were being held responsible for promoting this particular businesswoman in return for free sessions or discounted sessions. The google search should clarify what I am writing to you about.

    1. Thank you for advising and saving lots of people from her. I am one of her victims and would like to talk to you. Maybe just to empty my heart.

  2. Simran Dhillon

    I’m a client and was trying to look up prestige body lab to book an appointment! I had saw amazing results and the whole team including Monica were extremely professional. Sadly people tried defaming her for whatever reason. Her past has nothing to do with her doing EMS. Seems like her business is closed now sadly!

  3. I’ve been to prestige body lab many times and saw great results! Monica never told me she was a doctor. In fact, she told me she had an MD and is not practicing or licensed. I appreciated transparency! Her service was amazing. Whatever her last past is she needs to earn a living! She’s not offering medical treatments, anyone can get trained to be an EMS tech.

  4. I was a regular client at Prestige Body lab for over 6 months and saw amazing results! These are treatments that anyone who’s trained can perform, you don’t need to be a doctor! What does her past have to do with her business? Do we ask our hairdresser or massage therapist about there past? As a social worker, I see this all the time- how are people suppose to survive and recuperate from there past mistakes if we don’t allow them to be productive members of society? There’s always 2 sides to a story! Monica Kehar was extremely professional and honest with me for the regular appointments I had with her weekly for over 6 months! She was clear on not being a practicing doctor to me and to some friends and family I referred.

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