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Sabai Thai, North Vancouver

I have recently discovered that a massage is not just an indulgence for a special occasion, but should be something done regularly for the maintenance of a healthy body. This is more so as we age, the more stationary our job is, and the more we work out or lift weights.

Having felt more fatigue of recent, due to my increased intensity and heavier weighted workouts, I have been finding it difficult to seek relief after a tiring session; nor do I wish to lesson the workload. I have started doing more post and pre work out stretching religiously, and applying heating pad and ice more consistently. However, I am still finding that it isn’t enough. And as a result, I have been noticing an increase in pulled muscles and aches that linger. Both of which affect my everyday life as a nagging sensation.

So my new solution is a monthly massage, to have help and aid in rubbing out knots, before they get aggravated. As when the body is compensating for one part, extra work falls on to another, which only causes back up and the build up of pain and tension.

Here, a good massage relaxes the body and its muscles, soothing nerves. It can also increase and maintain the flexibility of joints, and stimulate blood and lymph flow, which results in boosted skin nourishment.

The go to is the oil massage at Sabai Thai which combines gentle pressure with long, flowing strokes. No pain, all relaxation, as it focused on calming both body and mind. This helps to improve blood circulation while decreasing your stress levels and elevating your mood. And when essential oils are added, aromatherapy comes into play. The latter of which is offered by Sabai Thai as an add on.

Today we were at the North Vancouver location. There are so many outposts so you only need to find the one closest to you. This location as two floors of small rooms. Each equipped with a bed, sink, and just enough space for the masseuse to maneuver around the bed.

You check in with the clerk and are tasked with completing a wavier. It lists what you are looking for in your session, what parts to focus on and the ones to avoid. I was looking for deep tissue with a focus on my shoulders and upper back.

When time, I was let into the single massage room and left to disrobe. Everything but underwear, and to position myself face down on their heated bed.

This was a full body massage starting with my feet. A hot towel is placed overtop and the soles of your feet cleaned and rubbed. An excellent and indulgent start.

For my calves and thighs she climbed on the bed and used her body to apply weight and pressure with her bone on my flesh. No kneading just gentle rocking to release tension.

Then the bulk of the work began on the back and shoulders, rolling out knots with a click. She used the most amount of pressure she could muster, and kept checking in to see if I could handle it.

This then transitioned to arms and hands. The massaging of my wrists was therapeutic, given how often I am on my phone and the stationary position they are constantly in.

Three quarters of the way I was invited to flip over and from feet to head I got a second round of massaging, front side up. The session ended with a head massage and the feeling of sleep washed over me.

At 60 minutes end I given all the time to dress and to make my way back to their foyer, where the attendant had a cup of warm ginger tea waiting for me. This is a nice way to slowly wind back up.

They have other massages available as well, but I am only reporting on my most recent treatment, from a maintenance standpoint. This is a non-RMT and it is not curative, it cannot be claimed through your insurance. Other services and enhancements you can add on to the one above includes a minty tension relief balm, a heated parcel of aromatic herbs used to massage, and exfoliation for the hands and feet.

This list also includes the Deep Tissue Enhancement, which I did indulge in above. I found it especially helpful for my chronically tense and contracted shoulder and upper back. Joints are moulded and rolled to help loosen knots. I felt tension lesson and joints crack. And I did walk away with some muscle and back relief.

In short, this was not only a wonderful indulgence, but a necessary maintenance as well. I will definitely be investing in more such services, so that my body stays strong and healthy.

For those interested, below is the link to book your appointment today.


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