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Science World After Dark: SKIN


Science World has a new featured exhibit on skin. And what better way to enjoy it as a single adult, with no children, than during Science World After Dark? This is an after-hours event for adults only, where you can drink your way through all the exhibits (including this one) under the dome. In truth, the “Skin” featured exhibit requires a lot more reading than the others in the past, with very little tactile play incorporated. So, it is not as child friendly as say the T-Rex one before it, not to mention the topic of skin covers sensitive issues regarding race that may need some context, thought, and additional explanation.

This is Science World’s new exhibit on skin as “Living Armour and an Evolving Identity, presented by Acuitas Therapeutics”. It “brings you up close and personal to the amazing properties of skin across an array of organisms.” (As taken from their website.) “From hyper-sensing skin receptors in crocodilians to the super thick skin of whales, skin acts as an interface between organisms and their environment. Experience the shape-altering, colour-changing, and adaptable nature of skin and the technological innovations it inspires.” This includes ”a life-size rhinoceros model that shows the largeness of its skin. And the ability to examine keratin-based feathers, furs, and quills. And touch different specimens, like snake skin and otter fur.”

There is a warning that the exhibition contains sensitive content with “material that presents the topics of racism, prejudice, and discrimination through the lens of history and science.”

I won’t be going into the exact specifics of the above here for you, as the showcase does cover a lot of detail and there is a lot of reading. Reading that I didn’t get to do too much of during my slightly intoxicated state that night.

After all the main benefit of attending Science World during their After Dark series, is ability to drink. As a 18 plus occasion drinks are available at the concession stand that has been re-purposed to a bar. Here guests are able to purchase ciders, beers, coolers and wine. These are full pours in plastic picnic cups, that you then able to take as you traverse the dome.

A few exhibits do require you to check in your glass at a makeshift holding stations right outside the entrance, in order to protect the displays. These stations are folding tables lined with parchment that you can mark and label your cup on. Each has a security guard stationed beside it to ensure your drink is not compromised, left unattended.

And with the aid of all this drink, you are no longer inhibited. And instead have the freedom to be a child again. I caught myself running around from showcase to each of the displays, touching all the resources, and revisiting sections I once thought dull, now with a new zeal.

The highlight of the night for me had to be the live demonstration at centerstage. Where I found myself volunteering in front of a loud and live crowd with no fear. I assisted in the demo and was proud of my achievement. This would’ve been something I normally would not have thought to do, or the courage to stand up, if not slightly intoxicated.

Science World After Dark is the only way I will visit Science World going forward, to be able to enjoy it as much as I did today, and as much as any child for the very first time. If you’ve never been, I cannot recommend this experience more. Bookmark this for the second last Thursday of every month and become a kid again!

Science World
455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7
(604) 443-7440

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