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Science World After Dark

With the ability to once again free roam in large spaces, amongst large groups; Vancouverites can once again flock to one of the city’s most iconic landmarks with confidence. Science World is back to full capacity with a full roster of reasons on why you should visit them sooner than later. This list includes the wildly popular,

Science World After Dark. SWAD is a special, after-hours event where adults (ages 19+) take over the dome every third Thursday of the month. More on that to close.

Every Tuesday throughout the summer, from July 5th to August 13th, Science World will be open later until 8pm for Twilight Tuesdays. After 5pm, the typical closing time, admission is only $15 for adults and $12 for kids aged 3-12. Ideal, for those looking for a unique place to hang out at, or some air condition to go with their long summer nights.

And when visiting, be sure to check out the current featured exhibit by RBC and White Spot Restaurants. Running from now into late winter, guests are invited to learn all about the tyrannosaurus in T. rex: The Ultimate Predator. Here, you will discover more about one of the most popular dinosaurs: how it lived, hunted, and thrived in its environment for millennia.

And for those who have found romance during covid, Science World is available for bookings. Work team building functions, family reunions, and even weddings. Host them at Science World and have the view of False Creek from its rooftop, as your backdrop.

Still not ready to roam? You can have a bit of Science World at home with their “The Dome at Home” initiative. Advertised as a way to keep the brain sharp over summer with a variety of at-home learning opportunities. Link provided below.

But on this night we attended the latest Science World After Dark event on Thursday July 21st, 2022. With admission, guest were free to explore the exhibits and galleries at their leisure. And most importantly with drink in hand. An assortment of alcoholic beverages that includes beer, wine, and coolers. All available at $8 a cup, with pre-purchased and non-refundable drink tickets. Although be advised, a few of the galleries do not allow liquids within, so they have arranged for “drinks parking”. This consists of parchment paper over a folding table, that you can draw and make your mark on. For those who fear their drinks may be tampered with, security has been enlisted to literally guard your drink. But the best showcases allowed for interaction with drink in hand.

Plenty of games and challenges that had you to testing your might and your skills. From skiing down icy slopes to racing in a wheelchair, from shooting balls at a target, to creating a hurricane. You can also see how limber you are by trying to squeeze into a box. I can go on and all, but it is best to explore and recess back to a child for the evening as you learn and play.

They even have live demos you can watch, and most of the spectators tonight were just as fascinated and amazed by liquid nitrogen and what it does to oxygen and fire, as a child might be.

Be warned, as for food, the only food option is the Triple O’s located within Science World offering their classic burgers and fries. And you cannot bring outside food in.

In short this was all good fun and a great way to enjoy drinks and fun in an interactive and educational arcade of sorts, but without the need to pay to play.

Science World
455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7
(604) 443-7440

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