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Science World, Backyard Adventures 2021

One of the city’s beloved attractions is once again open and ready for curious minds to take charge under the dome. So naturally, I had to take the opportunity to bring my favourite little lady out to play, and engage in our favourite exhibits. Majority of the toys and attractions are available, minus the hollow climbing tree and the kids jungle gym.

Although there was enough to keep us busy from the the wheelchair racers, to the visual bee hive, the spinning rock climbing wall, giant piano keyboard, and much more.

Instead of describing to you that which you yourself have probably played with growing up in Vancouver, or at least experienced once during their adult nights and themed occasions; I will instead include our photos of our revisit to simply jog your memory.

Worth noting is their phase three reopening plan and what you can expect from Science World going forward. First, here are some ground rules to reference when you do book your time slot and make it down.

  • approach the front door when it is your time slot to avoid crowding at the entrance.
  • use the hand sanitizer provided when entering and exiting the building.
  • maintain a 2-metre physical distance between you and other visitors and staff.
  • there will be no food or beverage available inside the building
  • touchless water bottle filling stations will be functioning.
  • try to keep your visit within a maximum of 3 hours.

And as taken directly from the official press release here is what you can expect from the Still Creek dome in days to come.

On Wednesday, September 29, Science World will unveil its newest feature exhibition, Backyard Adventures, presented by Windsor Plywood Foundation. Connect with nature, uncover a trove of scientific wonders at this 5,000 square foot exhibition, and see that science is everywhere—including your own backyard!

Visitors will get to dig in the dirt of an augmented reality garden bed, collect pollen from flowers, listen to the sounds of birds and frogs, play backyard-themed mini golf and interact with the science that’s all around them. Exhibits such as ‘Plant vs Insect’, the ‘Bee’s Eye View’ and the ‘Nectar Collector’ enable visitors to discover details they normally don’t see and ask questions about how organisms live in different environments. Visitors will learn to appreciate the biodiversity of their gardens in the ‘Food Web Pond’, use problem solving skills in ‘Garden Golf’ and explore fun activities in the ‘Garden Shed’. These interactive displays engage visitors with science and technology and enable them to continue discovering the wonders of their own backyard even after they leave the exhibition.

“Backyard Adventures is an exciting exhibition that supports Science World’s mission to inspire wonder through science and nature. I’m hopeful that this exhibition encourages our visitors to explore all the wonderful outdoor landscapes that Vancouver has to offer.” said Tracy Redies, President and CEO of Science World. “Backyards are shared spaces and communities, and they extend beyond the reach of one’s own personal living space and perspective. We hope that Backyard Adventures will inspire people to get curious, make discoveries, and explore the wonders that exist in their own backyards.”

In the exhibition, visitors will learn and experience that the backyard is full of science from the biological interactions between plants and insects, the zoology of nocturnal animals, the horticultural know how that goes into growing giant vegetables, the mathematical genius needed to lay pavers and the feats of construction that can go on in the shed.

Science World
1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7
(604) 443-7440

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