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Swan Dive, hard ice tea

I love that Vancouver has such a rich drink scene. We are so lucky that we have so much accessibility to such great products in all categories of beer, wine, and spirited. Therefore, if and when possible, I always gravitate to anything that is local and supports our community’s small businesses.

Therefore was surprised tonight to only just learn of Swan Dive, an all woman own, lead, and operated hard ice tea brand. They are local to Port Moody and a spin off from Moody Ales Brewing. The wife of said husband and wife team, to be exact.

The boom of hard seltzers has been a big one this last year, with so many brands going international with their cult followings, so it’s nice to be able to see a new local name enter the scene.

As taken from their website, “Swan Dive is carefully crafted with premium teas and infused with natural ingredients. Established out of small batches and plenty of trial and error, (they) make our sparkling hard tea with real botanicals and no added sugar or artificial flavours”.

Each can is made by steeping tea leaves and then adding in some naturally fermented hard seltzer, along with carbonation.

Swan Dive was established in the spring of 2022 and it saddens me to know that completely missed enjoying them at the beach this last year. However we are now in December, and for those like me, who have only just discovered them, how does this summer-friendly drink transition into winter?

To answer that question Swan Dive has teamed up with the award winning bartender Sabrine Daliwahl of Chickadee Room fame to curate the following fun festive cocktail, utilizing familiar warning seasonal spices. Sabrine was name Bartender of the Year by Vancouver Magazine and is the ideal bartender to team up with for this all women enterprise.

Her cocktail is the “Swan’s Gift” prepared with vodka, spiced maple syrup, lemon juice, and a can of Swan Dive’s hibiscus rose rooibos sparkling hard tea. A chilled beverage that still warms with a seesaw of sweet and floral notes. An easier sipper, and one to replace sparkling wine with its light bubbles.

As guests sipped on this creative cocktail we were treated to a collection of small bites catered by the adjacent Juke Chicken. A delicious assortment of fan favourites that included their popular gluten-free fried chicken, crispy fries, deep fried mashed potato nuggets, Asian slaw with sesame and peanuts; and my favourite of the night: deep friend Brussel sprouts.

And the end of the event, guests went home with an assorted 6 pack of Swan Dive’s original flavoured hard ice teas and the ingredients needed to recreate this drink in their own kitchen or bar, which I did!

The Chickadee Room
182 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X4
#LiftYourSpirit @drinkswandive

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