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Vancouver has a new one-of-a-kind immersive experience that serves as both a setting for great photo opportunities and a bar that you can grab a drink and a meal at.

This is SYNCRA City (as taken from their press release), “A futuristic immersive experience where guests will travel through 6 unique, interactive rooms. No one will experience the same journey twice.” Held at the Croatian Cultural Centre, this is an intimate exhibit that allows for optimal socialization with your friends and the “interactive exhibit that merges original electronic music, interactivity, digital art, and projection to create a futuristic cyberpunk city that lives in a constant state of flow”.

We were given a preview of the experience, with an invitation to visit before the show opened to the public on February 15th. Although, as a result of visiting 2 days prior to the grand opening, they were still working out the kinks and we were not able to experience a few of the exhibits in full.

Without giving too much of it away, here are a few photos of a few of the showcases that garnered most of our attention. A hall of mirrors, a passage way of lights, optical illusions that play with depth of field, and a projection that dances back with you.

As for food and drink, we did not get to try anything mixed from the bar, and instead indulged in canned beers from Parallel 49 and canned cocktails from their sister brand Muddlers. The latter was available in their popular pink lemonade and/or Moscow mule flavours. But from the looks of things, there are some pretty fun tropical cocktails available for purchase. Mixed with layers of colour and garnished with tiny umbrellas.

For food the spread includes sandwiches and fries, salad, miso soup and maki sushi rolls, and 2 varieties of dumplings. We were given samples to try, and I found everything tasted as it should, a basic and standard offering probably purchased from neighbouring businesses. Great to have when serving drinks and it elongates the amount of time you can spend enjoying the entry fee.

In closing a fun activity and something different to do and try in East Vancouver. For more information and ticket sales, visit the link below.

Experience SYNCRA
3250 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E6

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