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Taves, Pumpkin Patch photoshoot

It is fall, the leaves are turning red and orange and the pumpkins are maturing to match the tone of the season. Which means I was in search of a pumpkin patch.

I enjoy picking my own and the fun of posing for photos in front of a field of them. And one of my favourite farms to visit for pumpkins is Taves. So when I was propositioned to pose for photos for their latest social media campaign, I jumped at the reason to drive out to Abbotsford. Not only do I get to visit the farm and get my pumpkins, but I get to cross professional modelling of my bucket list!

The shoot was after hours, and I was able to bring a friend. So since we were in the area already, we figured we might as well go early to take in the rest of the farm. Especially as my modelling companion has yet to visit Taves, and I wanted to be the one to show her what they are all about.

We took advantage of the warmer weather and got in the last apple picking weekend. They were all out of all their other apple varieties outside of Fuji; but just as well, as that is my favourite apple for their crisp crunch and tart to sweet finish. It was challenging but we did manage to fill 2 bags.

We also took a breather at the cidery, enjoying a couple of the newer cocktails. Each made with one of their fruit flavoured ciders mixed with a spirit. And for anyone’s first time, they are always excited to be able to enjoy drinks in the presence of goats. Friendly docile creatures who don’t mind being picked up and held for a one of a kind photo op.

You can easily lose track of time with all the animals to see and all the photos to take, so before we knew it, it was time for the shoot. I won’t go into too much of that experience as it isn’t open for everyone, but do want to document it here for my own story keeping.

We met up with other amateur models and were told to pretend like we were long term friends. An innocent ask that eventually became truth as we would spend a fast paced 2.5 hours together. Dressed in fall knits, despite the summer’s sun. We were running around trying to get all the photographer’s shots and our own behind the scenes before the sun set and golden hour faded.

Memorable moments included cheers our ciders for the camera, then not wanting them to go to waste as the shoot progressed, so shooting them back.

Getting free rein of their stunning pumpkin feature. A locked up, large scale art attack that utilized pumpkins of all shapes and hues to create a pathway of patterns. This year’s theme was fish, with colour contrasting shapes. There, you can take photos in their gazebo, on the faux bridge over solid ground, and on an egg chair swing.

From there we traversed their hanging squash corridor and made our way to their pumpkin patch. Separated by size, the largest ones are in the same field as the Cinderella carriage. And this white metal carriage is the pinnacle of their fall pumpkin photo op offerings. If you are lucky, you come at a time where the sun is perfect and the fields are free of bodies to capture your perfect photo.

Then before we knew it, the lights were shut off in the washrooms, the staff were eager to go, and our shoot was done. We walked away with a case of cider racha, a couple of heirloom pumpkins; and the promise of the following photos to use, post, and treasure.

In closing, I hope this post gives you inspiration for you own pumpkin shoot. And as this won’t be my last visit to Taves, expect more from them as they continue to offer new and different each season, giving me reason upon reason to make the drive out to Abbotsford.

Taves Farms
333 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8A7
(604) 853-3108

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