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U-Pick at Krause Berry Farms

With the hotter weather peaking its head around the corner, U-Pick season is back with a sluggish start. Admittedly farms are struggling with the hot and cold yo-yo temperatures, but doing their best to provide guests with the opportunity to harvest their own berry crops. A unique outing idea and always a family favourite activity. The season typically starts with strawberries, then raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It is advised to visit their website and reach out for up to date availability. Cost varies, but is mostly based on volume, you pay more to pick more.

Not just for berries, Krause Berry Farms is a destination for locals and tourists alike, given all that there is to see and do on the property. From outdoor picnic tables and play spaces for young families, to covered seating and food option for those planning on spend the day. The playspace includes rides and slides, and even a berry themed game of Guess Who.

Those who visit, do so earlier in the day to be able to enjoy one of Krause’s famous berry waffles for breakfast. Each pressed to order and topped with the fruit of the season. On a busy weekend they have all 17 of their waffle makers going. So at 3 minutes per waffle, that is quite the production.

Currently it is strawberry season so they are piling on plenty of fresh juicy berries, sliced uniformly thin over their giant golden-brown waffles, with house made strawberry syrup and a cloud of fluffy whipped cream. Be warned, these are not your normal sized waffles, so you might want to share.

You can enjoy them in their covered cafe area, flower garden up front, or get your waffles to go from their drive through option. Worth noting is that they have vegan friendly batter and coconut milk whipped cream for those with dietary constraints. They also have an assortment of caffeinated beverages and juices available for drinks.

Or you can simply walk over to their tasting room for a more adult appropriate beverage. Their tasting room is set to the theme of a saloon with cowboy hats and boots on display, and more printed on their berry wine bottles. Grab a seat on one of their saddle laden stools and partake in a wine tasting.

Pick from a large collection of berry wines, ice wines, ports, and sparking. And if you taste something you like? Get it in a full glass, or take the bottle home with you to enjoy. They also offer cocktails featuring their wines, and will have their bistro with their frozen food made fresh, available in the near future.

And if you don’t feel like doing your own picking, you can simply head to their market place to pick up a box, case, or flat of berries and other crops by the season. This, plus a bevy of fresh and frozen food made from their crops. This includes fresh strawberry glazed doughnuts and strawberry cream pie in a pan or a jar, or any of their berry pies, pizzas, perogies, and quiches frozen. The shop also includes plenty of giftable farm-esque household goods and knickknacks. A collection that will sure to have you picking up and considering many curiosities.

In short, Krause is a great place to visit for a fun filled day on the farm. See you at the U Pick fields.

Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery
179 248 St, Langley Twp, BC V4W 1C3
(604) 856-5757

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