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Versace Sample Sale 2024

I have never been to a sample sale or a warehouse one. Honestly, the thought of having to line up for an extended amount of time, and then have to fight to spend my money never appealed to me. However, I had the opportunity to visit the upcoming Versace Sample Sale, hosted by the The Sample Sale Guys, without the wait, and I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. I figured if I don’t find anything I like, I can at least have the experience and say that I i tried.

So this post is what you can expect from the sale, as well as my tips on navigating a warehouse sample sale, from my first timer view point.

The sale takes place at The Executive Hotel (7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond) from May 28-30th and we were given VIP access a day earlier than when it opens to the public.

Given that the locale is a hotel, there is plenty of paid parking if you are driving in. But be warned there is a dress code and they won’t allow coats and certain layers in for fear of you concealing something on your person. They will coat check your oversized jackets and bags for free. I came in a tank and a sweater cardigan and had to get management’s approval to keep it on my person, with me not feeling comfortable in just the tank.

Which leads me to my first tip: come in hands-free for easier shopping. I secured my phone with an over the shoulder holster.

And two: dress comfortably. Layer to stay warm, but have them easy to remove so that you can try things on, on a whim. There are no changing rooms and all sales are final, so be prepared to pull clothes over tank tops and stretchy pants. Similarly wear slip on shoes for easy shoe trying. Although each pair was zipped tied together so you can only get them on your feet, but not walk in them.

Note there are also very limited mirrors so you had to walk a distance to see if anything fit right, and odds are most of them are being occupied by a group of women trying to change together in a huddle. And there are body-con dresses and one pieces, plus jeans and pants that you would have try.

Lots of people were also shopping for their friends and families, each dawning earpieces for constant communication. A woman even asked us to try on a jacket, so she could get the size right for her daughter.

We came in early enough to see the room as intended, with everything neatly folded and tables clearly signed, but this quickly turned into disarray as customers were eager to rifle through stacks and shuffle through racks. Their only goal was to claim what they wanted before anyone else had the opportunity.

Which brings me to tip 3: if you want it take it. Even if you are just thinking about it, take one of their mesh reusable bags and stuff it in. Odds are if you going back it will be gone. You will definitely see people pushing and shoving, and others holding their place to ensure they get what they wanted over you. It can be a very uncomfortable situation and not an ideal for those who don’t like crowds or close confined spaces.

Show runners are expecting a very busy sale, like their most recent events in Miami and Atlanta, and New York. And if this, not to capacity, VIP night is any indication, they would be right.

Tip 4: get the lay of the land and figure out how they are arranging the items. Then prioritize what you are looking for and bee line it there. Be it outerwear, accessories footwear, or that special event piece.

Tip 5: travel in pairs or a pack, because that is more eyes and more hands to help with the hunt. Be sure you let your friends know what you are looking for so that they can keep an eye out as well. Ideally, you’ll be shopping with someone that is a different size than you, so you won’t have to compete.

Items are arranged between male and female. Hoodies and zip ups are folded and stacked on tables. Robes, blazers, and jackets are hung along side branded and bejewelled tees. There were swim pieces for both men and women. This included the Versace x Dua Lipa swim collaboration with one and two piece bathing suits.

There is even a table for kids apparel and sweaters for dogs, along with scarfs, house slippers, and socks. Tables dedicated just to belts, purses, and men’s underwear.

There is home decor the likes of branded linens, throw pillows, and duvets. I was especially interested in the Versace Medusa logo shaped table candles.

Jewelry has a queue as you make your way along tables of bedazzled drink tumblers, sunglasses, jelly watches, crystal encrusted rings and pendants, leather wallets and card holders, plus acrylic handbags. This line is lengthy as only allow five patrons at a time, behind the belted rope.

Things are not individually priced. Many items had a colour coded zip tie, which corresponded to a set price. Items varied from $149-$499 in staggered tiers. This included handbags and the shoes.

Tip 6: pull everything you want together before you purchase, then make a final assessment before you commit. I like using the cost per wear analysis. Depending on how many times a year I will wear it, I divide that by 365 days to figure out how much I’m paying to wear any given item. My sweet spot is $2 per use for basics, $10 per use for layers, $50 for dresses, and $100 for that special piece. And anything else is a little too rich for my blood.

Tip 7: bring cash so you know how to limit yourself, and it is easier to stay within a budget.

And step 8: have fun. This is shopping, it should be enjoyable. You are treating yourself with your hard earned money, and you deserve something nice. Don’t feel bad because at the same time you would have no problem spending the same amount on a loved one or your child. So indulge. This is why warehouse sample sales exist, and what the discounts are there for.

Worth mentioning is the amount of security they have on site. A regular clothes employee at each door. One sitting on top of a ladder at the end of the room with a bird’s eye view. One regulating the jewelry and another at the check out line. And after you make your purchase, there are two more credible looking guards in tactile vests that check to make sure that your receipt matches the items you have paid for in your clear garbage bag zip tied shut.

I understand that the guards are necessary, but they do not make you feel welcome. Instead we felt like they thought we would steal. In reality I struggled to find anything that was my style, and ended up buying gifts for others.

So if you are looking for that Versace purchase you could never justify buying, this might be your chance now!

Attached is a flyer with the sale dates, times and location for your reference. Happy shopping.

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