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West Coast Mini Putt

With the weather shift it is becoming increasingly necessary to find ways to keep oneself both entertained as well as warm and dry. I have found a new zeal for mini golf and Richmond has one well hidden within the warehouse of West Coast Mini Putt.

From the exterior, you wouldn’t expect such a fun space to exist within. 18 rounds of mini golf spread across two elaborately decorated rooms. I found myself on a swivel trying to take it all in.

Bookings are required and masks necessary for this indoor sport. Each player is equipped with their own putter and ball, plus a score card and mini pencil for the group. The score card is self tallied, allowing for up to 5 players in a group. Each hole is numbered and named with the par listed. In golf it is about getting as little points as possible. The lower the points equals the least amounts of swings it takes to clear a hole (by getting the ball in it). Therefore the par is the listed/recommended amount of swings you need to land the ball. Two options are listed with amateur and pro options available.

Although built with family in mind, the setting is rife with innuendo and puns. There is an “A-hole” to start and a “Glory Hole” to end. Both of which do actually refer to the course, literally. The art on the wall also reflects their tongue in cheek humour. It includes an ova and ejaculate, but more on that later. So although family friendly, parents and adults alike can enjoy the space. Similar cheeky jokes are often done in cartoon shows, for the same effect, so I fully appreciated it here. Especially as my guest and I were joined by her (at the time) 5 year old daughter. Although be warned with a black light room, it can get scary for kids who are afraid of the dark and monsters. A fact that the staff does mention when you are booking.

The first room has course built from wood and laid with turf. Here, their names represent the shape of the course. As you play through you can appreciate the literal art on the walls. A psychedelic mushroom patch, a black and white landscape with castles in the sky and a hidden kingdom underground. The wall themed with sport and rock memorabilia made for a great game of eye spy; much like the hammock and collection of overturned umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

Working your way through here eventually leads you through a darkened corridor and another just as expansive room, but lit in a neon glow, courtesy of black light. Here, the handle of your putter, your ball, and anything white you have on glows.

Much like the random motif of the room before, this one includes a ragtag bunch of shapes outlined in neon paint. A wall of polka dots, one with the cracks from a rocket ship crashing into it, square blocks on the ceiling, and plenty of paint splatter and foot prints on the ground to bring you into a technicolor dream world.

Like the courses thus far, there isn’t too many elements to each, a bend, barrier, and dead end corners. So don’t come in expecting water, sand, bridges, or windmills. The setting is the allure. And I would come down just for that, and the neon painting of sperm meeting egg.

And as I mentioned earlier, this one is for older kids, as the dark and the giant grinning monster with a Cheshire Cat curtain smile and high looking eyes can be scary.

At the very end you get one shot with the glory hole and the ability to potentially win a free round if you sink it. But this requires accuracy and landing a hole in one. And no retries as if the ball rolls back it gets lost into a pit to be reclaim and reused by the next players.

Though worry not, if you didn’t win the free round, you can still win a prize for the best player/winner amongst your group. Despite actual scores, this naturally went to the child in our trio. And here prize for being a winner is a choice of candy or soda from their prize wall up front.

In short, win or lose this is a good time and a great photo op.

7391 Elmbridge Way Richmond, BC, Canada

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