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Yumi’s Brow & Lashes

I have been seeing Yumi for my lash care needs for years now. At least 10 from what I can recall.

My journey with lash extensions began with a coupon from Noir Lash Lounge, when they had a location on South Granville and I worked in the area. I found I instantly liked the look and the time they saved me during my morning routine.

Fast forward I continue to visit their Yaletown location, working with any tech that is available. The result was some pretty bad experiences, where pain was part of that service.

Learning my lesson and taking a break from lash extensions, after being fed up and moving further from any Noir Lounge to Burnaby. I decided to try the lash service at a local nail salon I had been visiting. (I went through an intense acrylic nail phase). There, is where I met Yumi. It just so happen, she was the first and only lash technician that I would go to at that salon.

I actually blogged about that original visit, however due to my blog being deleted a few years ago, it is now lost. So here I am summarizing and updating that experience, which is long over due.

I found her pleasant and her methods gentle. She learned that I have sensitive eyes so was always sure to be extra careful with me. I especially liked how she removed any old set with such care. Whereas at Noir, the chemical remover always got into my eyes and I always had to get up and wash my face. Yumi was always thorough and used water soaked cotton balls to remove any residue. She would squeeze out the liquid to wash the eye, catching the over flow with a rolled up towel, placed on the side of your face. This was all very gentle and spa-like.

She is so gentle that I often use our appointments as a way to catch a nap. Sleeping as she tends to one eye at a time. It also helps that she puts jelly eye pads over my would be eye bags. Yumi also does my eyebrow micro-blading now, and with numbing cream I am able to sleep through that 2 hour plus service as well.

The only time I didn’t see her, was when she took a few months off to take care of her new born. Then, she found a tech to take on her clients in her absence. I went along, but was not a fan on the service. I am particular with my lashes and like them all pointing the same direction, at the same height. In order to keep this look I put a lot of time into the aftercare, to be able to keep them for a month before needing a fill or having to do a new full set. There was a noticeable difference between Yumi’s quality of work and her substitute. I actually asked Yumi for a different referral after the first 2 attempts didn’t turn out as I liked, and I was pricked a few times during the process. Luckily she came back before I had to try another technician.

Yumi’s care and standards had me following her from that nail salon in Burnaby to her own space that she now rents out at a hair salon in Vancouver. It is a lot further from my home in Burnaby, but the drive is well worth it.

Fast forward to my most recent appointment. I saw a friend in passing and she recently got her lashes done: a full set in black with electric blue at the ends. They were subtle, but very eye catching. I immediately asked to take a photo and sent it to Yumi stating I wanted the same. So today she was going to make that happen.

I have never seen such a thing, but apparently this was a trend a few years back. All I know is I wanted to be one of the firsts sporting the literal “eye catching” look. I don’t wear makeup and gave up on pursuing rainbow coloured hair after I found my match in platinum blonde. So this is how I can inject a little hue into my face.

I originally wanted purple, a colour that stood out less and blended in more naturally, like my friend’s in blue. However, I took Yumi’s suggestion and got the trendy pink. Honestly, it takes some getting use to. Very noticeable and a conversation starter. I immediately wondered what my professional work place would think. But figured I have at least the weekend to enjoy it and find out come Monday.

In short, this is my lash journey thus far and a post written in recommendation of Yumi’s services. Check out her information below if you are interested in trying her out for yourself.

Yumi’s brow & Lashes
1336 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4T6

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