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Fairmount Whistler 2021

Looking for a late summer getaway during a pandemic is a little challenging, especially with the necessity to plan, in a time that has proven unpredictable. Therefore we decided to cut our losses and travel to BC’s backyard, a 2 hour getaway, to somewhere slightly different: Whistler.

So I packed my bags and joined Eileen of @misseileensoo and David of @pickydiners for a 36 hour vacation. We would stay at Fairmount Whistler, going the extra mile with their Executive Gold member suite. An extra cost for extra perks, that we would soon deem worth it.

Check in for us was on the 8th floor, bypassing the regular line up at the lobby. This convenience and that of our own executive gold member concierge saved us plenty of time. The tools we needed for a comfortable hotel room stay/party was also just call away. Bottle opener, ice bucket, tumblers, and even shot glasses.

Our two Queen bed suite offered plenty room for 3. Even though it was shared, the firm bed with fresh sheets, and fluffy down comforter was heave, after our heavy night of drinking to come.

The washroom was equipped with both a soaker tub and a rainfall shower. We would all use the latter out of ease. It gave you the option to insert essential oil shower pods that infused the falling water with aromatherapy, based on attributes. Choose “play” and get lime, cinnamon, and patchouli. If you want to “party” the fragrance of peppermint, sweet lime, and davana was the scent to help take you there.

Although their “Rose 31” line of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion offered plenty of enjoyable fragrance and helped yo keep our hair soft and our skin smooth.

For amenities we skipped the gym and enjoyed the swimming pools and hot tubs, both indoors and out instead. You can even travel between the two spaces from the one pool that begins by the changing rooms indoors, and leads into the outdoor all ages pool. Dive under water or walk through, after clearing the plastic flaps. Rain or shine the hot tubs with massage jets are a fun time.


But to best enjoy the space, you definitely want to visit on a sunny day, and claim one of their loungers by the pool. For larger parties there is even a cabana that you can reserve. Here, you can order drinks and snacks and enjoy both water side, like at any resort over seas.

There are also wet and dry saunas for guests to relax and detox within.

But the real highlight of an executive gold member stay is the gold member lounge. This was a shared space that allowed families and friends to congregate in a giant living room setting. Sofas and book shelves, a balcony over looking forests and the property. Plenty of room to loiter within or enjoy a snack at.

An executive gold member also gained access to the regularly stocked pantry. A kitchen set up where you helped yourself to hot beverages, light snacks, and a handsome collection of wine and spirits. The former two is included with your stay. The liquor required a charge to the room. And there aren’t just off the counter bottles, but the fine spirits that required a key to gain access to.

The food available by day and time does vary. The following was what was made available to us during our visit. For happy hour guests nibbled on finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, and vegetables with dip. You picked up what you wanted and added it on to a tray, to carry to your claimed seat. If there was something you wanted, but did not see, you need only to ask any of the helpful staff.

They also put out snacks like homemade cookies and healthy bars, plus candy and nuts you could scoop out into little boxes, should someone need a little pick me up between meals.

But breakfast was definitely the one not to be missed. The kitchen was chalked full of miniature cast iron serving pots and pans, housing an impressive assortment of both sweet and savoury breakfast items. Bacon and sausages, eggs Benny, roasted potatoes, oatmeal, smoked salmon, pastries, muffins, cereal, and cinnamon buns. Almost everything you could want for breakfast, made easily available to you. Naturally I had two helpings, trying to taste a little of everything.

Although we didn’t spend much time in our suite or the hotel, we certainly enjoyed the aesthetic and ambiance of our stay. There is certainly no hiding the prestige of a gold member stay, and I highly suggest it. If you are going to stay with Fairmount, you might as well maximize it. Not to mention all the food, snack, and beverage options can well cover the additional cost, if you plan your stay and meals right.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler
4599 Chateau Blvd, Whistler, BC V8E 0Z5
(604) 938-8000

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