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Genesis House, NY

We were still in New York, off the high of the live Vogue World London 2023 broadcast viewing party.

Our Genesis fleet vehicles picked us up and we were whisked away to Genesis House, a restaurant, showroom, library, and event space. Proudly located on a half block in New York’s trendy Meatpacking District. And as with the real estate, they did not spare any expense in the architecture and construction of this “house”. The result, a stunning juxtaposition of technology and raw elements from ceiling to floor.

Opened November 2021 this 40,000 square feet space was designed by the same creatives as those curating Aesop apothecary’s brand.

We would get a full tour of this art meets function space, noting the nods made to speak to the Genesis brand without words. This was an immersive experience, as we learned about the cars and the Korean culture, but not as a sales focused pitch.

Here the Korean phrase “ Sonim” is taken to heart. It means “honoured guest”, and with it in mind all Genesis staff treat you as their honoured guest, or in our case “better than family”, as per the Korean culture.

We began our time with a welcome mocktail Prepared with the Korean berry “omija-cha”, which means “five flavour”. This is due to its possession of five different flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. Typically used to brew teas, today we had it iced and it was wonderfully fresh and fragrant. Served in hand blown, one of a kind glassware.

The ground floor is their showroom, but not in the traditional sense. Where other car dealerships cram as many vehicles into a stark white space as possible. At Genesis House they focus on white space in the less literal sense. This is the isolation of an object without obstructing it. Therefore you will not see more than three vehicles presented at a time, in order to create calm and plenty of room to breathe in. This was just one of the many interesting facts of this Korean borne brand that our host would walk us through.

Next we learned about the importance of copper and the role it plays in the Genesis brand. Copper is one of the oldest materials used by man, and as a newer automotive brand, borne in 2015, Genesis wishes to incorporate copper into their aesthetic to help build their would-be legacy.

Copper in the colour of the Genesis Staff smock/uniform. Copper loops hand strung together to form the see through curtains, that frame the exterior of the building. And copper use in one of their futuristic displays.

An art installation that consists of little copper chips that are black on one side and their original copper on the other. Through programming they flip back and froth to create designs and spell out logos. And at Genesis House this was their branding and a series of geometric patterns.

Worth mentioning is included in our Genesis fleet for the week was an electric copper GV60, a nod to this concept. It was well photographed in many of the ad campaigns celebrating their Vogue World partnership.

Very striking in this space is their wall of car doors. All their available colour and interior options on display back and front. Plus the ability to open and walk into any car of your choosing.

I am familiar with fully electric GV60, the mid size GV70, and the stockier GV80 SUV; and haven driven, written, and review each over the years. Therefore I made sure I took a seat in the Genesis G90, a fully equipped luxury vehicle, at the top of their line.

This is the type of vehicle you don’t drive, but get driven in. The back seat passenger in is control via a pull down arm rest with a duplicate of all the centre console dials and buttons. This allow the passenger to control the G90 media experience. There is also a wireless charging pad and bins for compartmentalizing.

Next on our tour was a trip to the basement, cellar stage. Here, we got a sleek look at their digital monitor theatre that does not use any projectors.

Used for viewing parties and vehicle launches, it is also a great stage and backdrop for musical performances.

And upstairs is their newly Michelin minted restaurant that includes a library and tea house. In the former there are historic tomes and plenty of Korean exhibition coffee table books, meant to help preserve their history. Most notable was a Genesis Copper covered book, in volume one. And a luxe coffee table book bound in the leather seating of a Bentley.

At the restaurant “Michelin-starred Onjium chefs bring a wealth of authenticity and culinary knowledge to the table. Genesis House Restaurant’s living menu is a harmony of surprising flavors featuring fresh, locally grown ingredients alongside traditional fermented and dried dishes. As inspired by imperial and royal cuisine.” (As taken from the Genesis website)

We would not have time to sit down and fully explore their modern interpretation of traditional Korean dishes. But instead try Genesis House’s fine dining experience via the small features bites below. Not directly from the menu, but pieces picked and curated for our mingling party.

Kimbap, Korean seaweed rice rolls done traditionally. They usually consists of sesame-flavored rice and fillings like meat, veggies, egg, and cheese wrapped up in nori. It has a similar appearance to a sushi, but is a lot more heartier, like a portable bite of a rice bowl. No soy or dipping sauce, and tasty as is.

Soondae gui is a beef and pork blood sausage with rice, perilla, and shiitake mushrooms. This was the lightest rendition of this I have ever had, not gamey or too irony.

Dak maegjeog gui is steamed chicken seasoned and grilled with doenjang, served with a leaf of lettuce, and skewered for easy eating. Tender and roasty, this was a nice familiar bite.

Similarly, so was the Gungjung Japche with sweet potato noodle, toasted walnuts, burdock root, and wagyu beef. Great texture in the noodles and plenty of flavour from all the ingredients that accompany it.

What seemed to be the room’s favourite were these cubes of thoroughly marinaded tuna topped with caviar. I, myself had at least five.

For dessert bites they offered Baesuk Crumble, a one bite morsel of poached pear, pink peppercorn crumble, and cream cheese. A light and fluffy cube with the sweet hint of pear.

For a little more crunch there was Yakgwa, a fried honey cookie and Chasugwa, candied walnut in a puff pastry.

They also have a cocktail program I should have spent more time exploring, but was caught up in all the free flowing glasses of white wine and sparkling.

We also took shots of their in house made turmeric tequila that had an amazing neon yellow hue to it.

And the one cocktail I did have, was meant for two. The Spa Day is roasted barley Golden Barley 40 Soju, boricha syrup, and a cucumber ice sphere. The more you nurse this to more it transforms, with the watered down cucumber water adding a light freshness to the mix.

The rest of the night was spent conversing in pockets, enjoying one another’s company. Doing so on the stunning Terrance of Genesis House, watching the sun set in the distance.

What a magical space and one I would recommend for those living and visiting New York, even if you are not a motor enthusiast. Plenty to see and appreciate with much more to eat and drink.

Genesis House
40A 10th ave, New York, NY 10014

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