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Genesis X Vogue World 2023

In this series I was in New York as a guest of Genesis Canada, in town to cover Vogue World London 2023 and Genesis’ role in it, as a luxury motor sponsor.

Sadly, the fashion show and performance was in London and we were not flown out there. But coming out of New York fashion week, this felt like a good second place option for a live screening party. Not to mention, the inaugural year 2022 was held in New York.

Hosted at Studio 525 event space, we were picked up at our hotel by a fleet of Genesis vehicles, branded for the occasion. Their logo and the notoriety of Vogue adhered to each side of each.

This was a fashionable affair as everyone came dressed in a classy kind of cool. My inspiration was apparel that I would wear in a Genesis, and given the reception I received from Genesis staff I nailed it.

Entering and existing the vehicles was an exciting affair, with professional photographers there to capture the moment. Here, I got a glimpse of what it is like to be a celebrity with paparazzi on them. We signed a waiver earlier to allow them to use our likeness commercially.

At location, you entered to a new stand, stacked with September 2023’s issue of Vogue. The largest of the year with the tag line “The Greatest of All Time” and a photo of four legendary super models. This would be a teaser for the show to come.

Past this guests were greeted with glasses of champagne. And had the ability to request one of Genesis House’s signature cocktails stirred to order, from the bar at the back. This was the Dangeun Akko Cocktail pronounced “Daang-guun-ee-zee”. Prepared with MI Campo Tequila, Carrot Syrup, and Orange Acid. A stiff drink that merged savoury and sweet together harmoniously.

On stage was a fire engine red Genesis GV60 against a backdrop of red brick, red roses, and a red telephone booth; all to help register the London feel.

Guests enjoyed music from a string quartet, remixing modern and classic pop songs into classical renditions. They set the lively, yet classy tone for the room.

As we waited for the live stream there was a Photo Booth moment individuals and groups could partake in. Stunning and well lit photos branded to mark the occasion.

There was also a table of tea time snacks to graze on. A fitting collection of finger sandwiches, pastries, and scones with jam and clotted cream to tie in to the London theme. Tea with Vogue.

The viewing party was standing room only, outside of the two red velvet lined church pews that were first come first serve. The rest of us stood, and counted down to the live stream.

Being unfamiliar to this event prior to, I was both surprised and delighted. Not just an hour long runway walk, but a big production show.

This is “Vogue World: London, the second edition of Vogue’s traveling celebration of fashion and culture after last year’s inaugural showcase in New York. This was the kicked off of London Fashion Week and they did it with a bang. The entire affairs was star-studded from the audience to the performers. It was a theatrical extravaganza with elements of opera, contemporary dance, ballet, and even Shakespearean monologues.” (As taken from the Vogue website)

It opened with the iconic Kate Moss prepping back stage, then cameras followed her to the main stage and her opening walk. There singer FKA Twigs sang the most soulful and melancholic version of “It’s a Fine Day”, amongst dancers dawned in black and models walking out in a a punk motif.

The director and stage manager did well to meld singers, dancers, and performers; ensuring none of the above distracted from
The fashion. Each put on a spectacle as models walked the stage and around the red carpeted seating area.

And not just singing, there were actors reciting Romeo and Juliet in a more modern take, where the dramatic scene ended in Juliet suggesting that they “go clubbing”. This then cut to a dance scene where outfits popped with colour as actors bopped to the beat.

There was also an opera performance and a ballet duet. All the fine arts and their costuming tying in with this year’s fashion trends.

My favourite part was the reprieve, where celebrity ushers Sienna Miller, Cush Jumbo, James Corden, Damian Lewis, and James McAvoy crashed the show, attempting to clean up after the guests with the likes of a dust vac. This is before taking in the splendour and the wonder of the stage in conversation.

The show closed with a performance of “Sweet Dream” by the Eurythmics as models walked in white and black motif, themed like the contemporary version of my fair lady.

And the finale had the same super models that graced the cover of September’s Vogue, four of the original super models taking to the red carpeted, semi-circle runway as stunning and fierce as they ever were. Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell. The show closed and there was an applause in London real time, and in the more intimate venue of our viewing party.

Not a traditional fashion show, but something so much more. A lifestyle, a culture, and an experience. I can see why Genesis Worldwide wanted to be a part of this showcase and I see how their stylish, fully equipped yet minimalistic approach to their vehicles parallels this aesthetic. This was a really well executed show and presentation from all those involved.

With this the crowd filtered out into the streets to attend their respective after parties.

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