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2023 Hyundai Palisade Ultimate Calligraphy and Urban

This week we were sporting the 2023 Hyundai Palisade, the “ultimate” vehicle for the extreme weather Vancouver was facing this week. A couple of days and unexpected snow fall. Luckily none of it stuck and I was un-phased within the Palisade. Thanks to the warmth of 3 levels of heated seats and the heated wheel function, plus dual climate control cabin, I was kept cozy. Not to mention its winter tires and variety of driving modes, including weather related terrain: eco, comfort, snow, mud, sand, smart, and sport. Naturally eco was my preferred choice, as to keep the fuel consumption as low as possible, a necessity given the size of this SUV and the need to haul so much of its own weight around.

The sheer girth of it made the vehicle feel reliable, steadfast like a tank, set firmly on the ground despite the white wet and slush. Although from the back, it looked ominously like a Hearse, with its extended square cabin at the very back. This was not the largest vehicle I have helmed to date, but a good size for cargo and people hauling, without the extra anxiety of having to navigate and ensure spacing and a boundary was kept at all times. There was no body rolling and no skidding during any of my drives, even with the snow and black ice on the road. The brakes were also very responsible to the littlest pressure. I was safe and well so long as I took it easy and kept my pace steady, and felt safe thanks to a bevy of safety features mentioned below.

The 2023 Hyundai Palisade Ultimate looked just as stylish on the inside as it did on the exterior. The cabin had a sleek high tech look with mirco carbon fibre patterning clean across the centre console’s surface. And a glossy, pin striped panel across the dash and down the door handle, in parallel with an LED highlight and the stitching of the faux leather detailing. Even the cup holders sprang into action with a push of a button. This was sly. We especially enjoyed the steering wheel, it offered the ability to hold firm with its cushiony leather pads and the way the wheel was designed offered various ergonomic grip options. All together, this gave the cabin a fairly futuristic and elegant aesthetic. And I am happy to report that the technology in place married up with this energy as well.

The 2023 Palisade has a push start ignition and drive, with its gearshift buttons located adjacent to the infotainment system. The infotainment system had a touch screen pad that controlled all the settings and ability to customize your visuals. The speed limit is posted on the dash and projected on the windshield, both of which even includes the actual visual of school and construction signs in yellow and orange. When it comes time to turn, with a flick of the turn signal, a camera is activated and you are able to see a broadcasted view the wheel’s perspective on either of the two dials located on the dash; left or right in relation to the turn. And surrounding hazard and/or potential collisions are broadcasted on the windshield as a flashing, concave red curve along a static white line. Simple but it does the job.

What I found news to me was the option of syncing your device with Bluetooth, while simultaneously chagrining another device with the USB port, that also connected to the vehicle and spoke through the speakers. For example, one device could pay music without interruption, while the other gave GPS directions without having to stop or pause the music. Then there was the rear-view mirror that gave you the option to use it traditionally as a reflective surface and then active the camera video option, giving you an unobstructed view out the back, thus eliminating any blind spots. Although with the slightly compact SUV build, I did not really have any or found any difficulties to begin with.

Even the back seat had special treatment with air vents on the ceiling/roof. Here, they circulated climate-controlled air from the head down, as they do on air planes. One each for the two individual seats that make up the second row. The third offered additional pull down cargo room, or the option of a third, less comfortable row of seating.

In closing, the 2023 Hyundai Palisade Ultimate was not short on features to discover. The week had me going, “huhhh” a lot as one by one another one of my needs, that I did not know needed tending to, was met. The Palisade is an attentive vehicle and a great response from Hyundai for the mid range luxury SUV segment.


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