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2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preferred

In a previous auto review we already declared the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 as our favourite electric option of them all on the market. Although this week we have the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preferred and it is making us shuffle the list.We couldn’t help but compare the two: 5 to 6. There are plenty of similarities, but enough differences to have them competing with one another in the same market space. After the Kona, this is Hyundai’s only EV option, once with hybrid and plug-in options, now only the fully electric model is available.

The most obvious difference between the 2 is the body design. The 6 looks and feels like what you’re expect from a modern fully electric option. A high tech look, feel, and control. It is sleeker in design with a more aerodynamic stance, which does give it a slight advantage in fuel efficiency. Its silhouette has been compared to that of a Porsche, with the curvy rounded back. This is definitely a vehicle you want to be seen climbing into and getting out of.

Inside, the 6 has a smaller cabin, but with more leg room. And overall it is more aligned with a sports car, that rides like a sedan. The disjointed design concerns I had with the Ioniq 5 were addressed in the 6, coupled with a polished look and aesthetic features like hidden vents and metallic bezels on the screens. The full middle console had both driver and front seat passenger sharing all window and local controls.

There is a larger infotainment dashboard screen and minimized buttons for the all comprehensive system. It is intuitive to navigate with voice-command options for those wanting to go handsfree. Under, USB-C ports in the front console, whereas I recall the Ioniq 5 with the more standard USB plugs. There is a platform wireless charging pad that tucks your phone away for safety, having it mostly out of view, but still within each reach. And the all around 7-speaker Bose sound system provides excellent sound quality.

When it comes to safety there is a 360-degree camera with blind-spot detection, remote parking and highway driving assists. The Hyundai Ioniq 6 alerts with warnings if you aren’t paying attention. They aren’t aggressive, but a steady tone to let you know that it is very aware that you are not completely focused.

Best of all, there is even better fuel economy from the Ioniq 6. From North Vancouver to Burnaby it took only 1%, but to get those results you really need to be mindful of how you drive. Giving yourself ample space from start to slow, so that you gain the maximum charge. This diminishes battery anxiety as you watch percentages tick down. This is worse for people like us, without home charging, relying on the shared public pumps and the need to wait for one to be free to charge.

Oddly enough, I was surprised to learn that depending on the trim, the Ioniq 6 has you saving, for what I feel like the more elevated model with the greater battery power and quicker charging. Between the two, I would opt in for the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preferred for aesthetics alone, it is just a bonus that it checks off more boxes for us.


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